6 Reasons Why Morocco is Extraordinary

Jasmine White is a student at University of Utah and an ISA Featured Blogger. Jasmine is currently studying abroad with ISA in Meknes, Morocco.

1.  Everything is extremely cheap! Food, coffee, tea, souvenirs… What you pay here in Morocco is nothing like you would regularly pay in the States. Just don’t be too upset when you return home and your coffee costs $2 when here in Morocco you are only paying close to 34 cents per cup!

2.  Morocco is hands down one of the most diversified and beautiful countries in Africa. If you love the outdoors, this is the place to be. Morocco offers a hodgepodge of landscapes with cities along the coast that have incredible beaches and ocean activities. There are also the High Atlas Mountains where hiking and incredible views can be enjoyed, as well as the Sahara Desert where the starry, night sky is like you have never seen before. The ISA program in Meknes, Morocco organizes excursions to some of these incredible places which is a great way to explore and adventure throughout the country of Morocco.

Sunset on the Coast, Asilah, Morocco, White-Photo 1
Enjoying a beautiful sunset after spending the day adventuring in Asilah, Morocco.

3.  Plane tickets to European countries from Moroccan cities are inexpensive and when you have a free weekend you can take advantage of this and spend some time in Spain or even Italy!

4.  The culture in Morocco is nothing like you will ever experience anywhere else. With the French and Spanish influence in an Arab country you will experience many languages, foods, smells and sights. With all that is going on, you are sure to never be bored.

5.  Here in Morocco, the people are very kind, curious, and interested to learn about you and your life. If you have an open mind and heart to the culture and traditions here, you will likely meet many wonderful people who will invite you into their own homes to meet their families and even enjoy a delicious Moroccan meal.

Breakfast in Berber Home, Near Azrou, Morocco, White- Photo 2
About to indulge in some delicious Berber food in a home near the city of Azrou, Morocco.

6. Living in Morocco is a challenge, but you will learn and grow from the experience if you put forth the effort. While there is a great ISA staff to support and help you throughout the program, sometimes it is just overall tough to be in a foreign country that is completely different from home. You may find yourself confused and frustrated with some of the aspects of the culture at first, but once you open your mind you can find a lot of beauty in the culture, traditions, religions, and the Moroccan people’s way of life.


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