9 Things Not to Miss in Lima

Lima is incredibly special for a number of reasons. Venture off on a scavenger hunt with us as we show you some of the hidden treasures in the popular Lima neighborhoods of Barranco and Mira Flores.

1) Visit the Inca Market and ask for an Ekeko.

An Ekeko is a symbol of good fortune. Originating in the pre-Columbian civilization, the Ekeko is known as the god of prosperity. The Ekeko is typically a mustachioed man dressed in traditional Andean garments, accompanied by bags and baskets full of food, money, household objects, and other items that signify a prosperous life both in the home and in life.

2) Take a picture with an alpaca hat.

The Alpaca is considered to be a sacred animal reverting back to the Inca civilization. For the more rural cities, it is quite common to see llamas/alpacas grazing the land. Looking for good souvenir ideas to bring home to friends and family? Alpaca hats, mittens, gloves (gl-ittens), scarves, and so much more, can be found in markets all over the country!

3) Visit the statue found at the Park of Love (Parque del Amor).

That’s right, there is a park dedicated solely to those in love! The Parque del Amor offers a beautiful and romantic view over the coast. Many couples come here to watch the picturesque sunsets and sunrises.

4) Get a Lúcuma ice cream at D’Onofrio in Parque Kennedy.

Lúcuma is a fruit that originated in the Andean valleys of the country and is a favorite for all Peruvians. Why pick this particular ice cream shop, you ask? D’Onofrio was an Italian immigrant who found himself in Peru in the early 19th century. Italians can arguably be considered some of the world’s best dessert gurus and the ice cream here is arguably the best in Lima. Thank you, D’Onofrio, for your expertise.

5) Find the colorful Peruvian woman on the wall.

Graffiti in Latin America countries isn’t seen as an act of vandalism, but actually more of an art form. There is one-of-a-kind graffiti throughout the entire city of Lima. With that said, these murals give a pop of color to street corners and blank walls.

6) Visit Bisetti for the daily special.

For all the coffee lovers out there, Tostaduría Bisetti is ranked one of the best coffee shops in Lima. Come sip on a café (they can make it just the way you like it!) while taking in and admiring the local art displayed on the walls.

7) Discover the Municipal Library in Barranco.

In the heart of Barranco lies the Parque Municipal (Municipal park). Here you can find the Biblioteca Municipal de Barranco (Municipal Library of Barranco), which was built in the late 19th century. Not only does this building provide a nostalgic feel to the early times of Lima, but for all book lovers out there, this is a great place to bury your nose.

8 ) Find the big mirror towers in Park Larcomar.

With a parking garage underneath, one can often times see the smoke rise through these two towers in Larcomar. These mirrored towers are often referred to as the “chimneys” of Larcomar.

9) Try a churro at Manolo.

Manolo’s has been in the churro industry for over four decades! Churros are the stick form of a sugar and cinnamon doughnut, or powdery funnel cake. A churro is indescribably delicious and something that everyone should taste. If you have never tried this scrumptious fried snack, make sure to pay Manolo’s a visit. You won’t regret it.


Lima is full of many other hidden gems in addition to these!

Come explore all of the reasons that make Lima a wonderful place to study abroad!


Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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