When in Rome: Top 15 Must Do’s

Kaitlin Kueny is a student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and an ISA Featured Blogger. Kaitlin just returned home from studying abroad with ISA in Rome, Italy.

1. Must get gelato from Giolitti. It is the best gelato in all of Rome.

Gioleti… the BEST gelato in Rome

2. Go to mass at the Vatican in St. Peter’s basilica.

St. Peter's square at the Vatican
St. Peter’s square at the Vatican

3. See the Colosseum and go on a guided tour of it.

4. Walk the Spanish steps!

5. Throw some coins in the Trevi fountain. 1 coin means you’ll return to Rome, 2 coins means you’ll get married someday, or all coins in pocket means you’ll give to charity.

6. Go to castel d’sant angelo. It has some of the most beautiful views of the city.

7. Walk the Tiber river walk. There’s tons of shops and places to eat and it’s fun to do on a chill night with friends!

Tiber river walk
Tiber river walk

7. Try to go out to eat at a different place every time you want to go out. You’ll want to experience as much Italian food as possible.

7. Go to places with an Appetivo. They’re all you can eat appetizers with a purchase of a drink.  Find the places that have them because they are a great place to start the night.

8. Ride the tram and go to Ostia beach with friends!

9. Try Suppli. It is seriously the best thing ever.

10. Eat as much pizza and gelato as you can. You’ll miss it back in the States because it’s just not the same.

11. Go shopping in via mercanti, a real Italian neighborhood, if you want to avoid tourist prices and people!

12. Go to the Ice bar, Scholars Lounge, Drunken Ship, Sloppy Sam’s, club Coyote, On the Rox, Library Bar, G Bar, Abbey’s, and Club Mood.

13. Go to the markets for the best produce and for great prices!

14. Go to Campo de’ Fiori. For the daytime: great markets, shopping, and food. For the nighttime: great fun, food, and friends.

15. Go to Via del corso. There’s great shopping and it’s very close to trevi, spanish steps, Colosseum, and a ton of historical sites.

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