What to read next: 15 ISA CP Student & Class Blogs

The 2013-2014 academic year marked ISA’s Custom Programs’ 15th year in service to U.S. universities for their faculty-led and partnerships study abroad programming. Thank you for joining us for this series of 15 things as you imagine, develop, and implement your own custom programs abroad.

1. Becca Schwecke – University of Minnesota in Cape Town 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Becca Schwecke

A favorite post on Becca’s blog about finding her Ubuntu is titled The Little Things, highlighting some of the joys, nuances, and disparities she experienced in South Africa.

2. Dr. David Bartholomae – University of Pittsburgh Pitt MAP: Brazil, India, & China 2013

Photo courtesy of Dr. Bartholomae

David recounts his semester traveling to three continents while leading one of our 15 Game-Changing Custom Programs in this blog for Community Voices on the Post Gazette.

3. Dr. Doreen Sams – Georgia College and State in Sevilla 2014

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sams

Updating almost  daily, you can follow Doreen and her class as they explore Spanish business and economy. In particular, see how a group of Georgians still had something to learn about Coca Cola in Spain.

4. Gaby Avila – Butler University GALA in Argentina, Chile, & Peru 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Gaby Avila

Also a Game-Changing Custom Program, Butler’s GALA program travels through Latin America. Reading about Gaby’s personal growth and experience help bring each of us back to why we work in international education.

5. Geri Jensen – California Lutheran University Paris 2013

Photo courtesy of ISA student Geri Jensen

Spending a semester at the American Business School in Paris through Cal Lutheran’s exchange, Geri reflects on her 114 days in the City of Light.

6. Jody Masch – University of Florida in Valencia 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Jody Masch

Jody’s post reflecting on religious architecture, in particular a Jewish temple built by the Muslim community, is insightful and entertaining.

7. Joe Evans – University of Utah MRED in Seoul, Shanghai, UAE, Bangalore, & Paris   2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Joe Evans

This Master’s program takes a whirlwind trip around the world, studying real estate development on a global scale. As a class blog with contributions by most students, you can really feel the jet lag, excitement, and unique academic intensity.

8. Julianna Burchett – University of Tennessee in Santander 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Julianna Burchett

One of the funnier parts of losing a bit in translation is when it’s in reference to a parade of cows. Julianna comically sums up a rare Sunday event with her host mother on her blog.

9. Katherine Frazer – St. Edwards University in Sevilla 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Katherine Frazer

Katherine’s Happy Accidents post, in which she lists alternative titles she had considered, offers a sense of nostalgia and community that we all as travelers have enjoyed at one point or another.

10. Kayli Kunkel – Drake University in India 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Kayli Kunkel

Kayli vividly illustrates her experiences through a month in India; her descriptions painting a picture almost as colorful as the Holi Festival celebrated each spring.

11. Kevin Courtney – UC San Diego in Buenos Aires 2013

Photo courtesy of ISA student Kevin Courtney

Following a winding path, oftentimes of broken and dirty sidewalks, Kevin acutely observes neighborhood differences and new construction in Buenos Aires.

12. Laura Christine Lauder – University of Tennessee in Paris 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Laura Lauder

UTK has been running this program in Paris with ISA for over 10 years, so the program operates like a well-oiled machine. The ordinarily-smooth sailing of this program contrasts nicely with Laura’s description of the choppy metro service, a result of the ongoing transportation strike – a typical facet of Parisian life.

13. Rachel Priester – University of Florida in Sevilla 2013

Photo courtesy of ISA student Rachel Priester

For a bit of Spanish context given this year’s world cup, check out Rachel’s stories of futbol games in España last year.

14. Sarah Vititoe – University of Florida in the Dominican Republic 2014

Photo courtesy of ISA student Sarah Vititoe

It’s the beauty of idealism and motivation for change that you appreciate in Sarah’s blogs, describing her experience serving and learning in the DR.

15. Savannah Kralovec – Arizona State University in Costa Rica 2013

Photo courtesy of ISA student Savannah Kralovec

Savannah’s choice to catalog expectations versus her observations isn’t just a unique way to title a post, but a reflective way to experience and truly learn from a study abroad program.

Melissa Stone is a Program Manager for ISA Custom Programs. Melissa works with programs in Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, rance, and Jordan.

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