The Hidden Gem of Galway

Kayla Beers is a student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and an ISA Featured Blogger. Kayla is currently studying abroad with ISA in Galway, Ireland.

Shop Street is widely regarded by locals and tourists as “the place to shop,” but if you let yourself wander on over to Middle Street, you will come across a small bookshop that will leave a very big impression in your heart.

A store close to my heart
A store close to my heart

For twenty-five years, Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop has been selling new, secondhand, bargain, and antiquarian books to locals, tourists, and students alike, and has been named The Irish Times winner of the Best Bookshop in Ireland. Every inch of the store is covered in books, and you would be hard-pressed to ask for a book that they do not have. One of my favorite parts of this shop is located in the children and young adult sections. In the middle of these two sections is a cross road sign that has listed several different iconic fantasy realms from famous books, such as Diagon Alley, Narnia, and Neverland just to name a few.

Portals to different worlds
Portals to different worlds

Not only does this store have books to read for your enjoyment, but it also has several books about Ireland, and many of the books that you may need for class! So before you spend all of your money buying brand new textbooks, stop on by Charlie Byrne’s to see if they have a secondhand one for you. The staff is extremely friendly and will help you to find whatever you need. I got all of my books for under 30 Euros, plus a few books to read for fun! So whether you’re looking for books to read or just want to find a place with a relaxing atmosphere, make sure you head down to Charlie Byrne’s!

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