Emerald Isle, Here I Come

Kayla Beers is a student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and an ISA Featured Blogger. Kayla will be studying abroad with ISA in Galway, Ireland.

My big book of all things Ireland
My big book of all things Ireland

It’s hard to believe that in just under three weeks I will be on my way to Ireland to study at the National University of Ireland, Galway! For several weeks now I have been counting down the days until I leave, and I’m sure that my family and friends are just as excited to get rid of me so that they don’t have to listen to my incessant rambling about Ireland as I am to go.

In order to pass the time until I leave, I have spent countless hours reading about the history of Ireland, as well as its culture and many festivals. I picked up a book from Barnes and Nobles a couple of weeks ago that has really helped me to understand what to expect once I’m over there. I’ve already read through this book a couple of times, and I have no doubts that I will read it a few more times before my plane lands in Dublin. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is planning to study abroad in Ireland, or if they’re just planning on making a trip there. It may be fairly long, but the way that it is written makes it a quick read.

When I’m not reading my book, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time packing and repacking my luggage, making sure that I have all of the documents I will need, and picking up a few last minute items, such as a new camera. I still have a lot that I want to do before I leave, but I feel as though everything I have done so far has helped to prepare me for this remarkable journey I am about to embark on!

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