Study Abroad Tips: How to Stay Cool in Madrid this Summer

Photo by ISA Madrid student Fermín Rodríguez Fajardo.

Lindsey Wineholt is an ISA Site Specialist for Spain. Lindsey works with students studying abroad in Madrid and Salamanca.

One of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe, Madrid is not only known for its quaint cafes, world-famous museums and vibrant culture, but also for its warm and sunny summers. While studying abroad in the Madrileño sunhine will keep you nice and toasty, you may find yourself searching for shade. Luckily, Madrid offers many refreshing respites from those warm and steamy days, from a day by the coast to a trip to the local park.

1. Excursion to Santander –
Although Madrid is located in the center of Spain, the Spanish coast is just a quick bus or train ride away. Dip your toes in the cool ocean waters on ISA’s excursion to Santander, just a few short hours away from Madrid by bus. While exploring the beauty of this coastal city, you will also take a surfing lesson. Surfs up!

2. Retiro Park – Cool down with a relaxing row around Retiro Park’s pond. With beautiful paths shaded by wonderful trees, this park, the biggest and most popular in Madrid, is an ideal place to spend some time in the pond or in the shade of a tree reading, picnicking, studying or visiting with friends.

3. Pools – Take a dip in one of the many public pools around the city. Entrance fees are minimal, so pack your suit and towel, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

4. Spanish Fans – In the summers in Madrid, you will see many madrileña women fanning themselves with a traditional Spanish abanico (fan). Blend in with the locals, and join the tradition of using a Spanish fan to keep cool all summer long. But don’t be fooled! The technique of fanning can a bit more difficult than you think. If you ask any local, they’ll tell you it’s all in the wrist!

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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