In Their Own Words: What My Study Abroad Internship in Brussels Did for Me

Photo by ISA Brussels student Marie Harmon.

Elena Sprick is the ISA Site Specialist for Belgium, Colombia and the Czech Republic.

The political and business capital of Western Europe, Brussels is a multicultural and multilingual city with a charm all its own. In addition to strong academics, excellent excursions and two amazing ISA staff members, students in Brussels can take advantage of some truly unique internship experiences.

In fact, we could tell you how amazing ISA’s program at Vesalius College is until we’re blue in the face. Instead, though, why not hear it direct from ISA Brussels alumni and former interns themselves?

“”The internship made my study abroad experience. It is more than just educational exchange, but rather a crash course in intercultural communication, professionalism and personal advancement. My organization has a strong internship program, and I did not once fetch coffee. Instead, interns are an integral part of the office, and the Commission would not function without us.”        – Kaley Ricket, Fulbright Commission Intern

“I worked closely with the Executive Director to create a business plan for 2014. It was incredible. My supervisor was a fantastic woman from whom there is a lot to be learned.”                                      – Wesley Yarborough, European Center for Public Affairs Intern

“It is a great learning experience to work in a fast-paced, international environment with young professionals. [It gave me the opportunity] to talk with several Belgian students about the differences between the U.S. and European educational systems.” – Katherine Joseph, International School Intern

“I worked in the sales department of a hotel in Brussels. It was invaluable learning about how business works in other countries. Internships are also a good way to get to know locals.” – Mackenzie Nelson, Hotel Sales Department Intern

“I worked with a public affairs consulting company that focused mainly on environmental issues, which was a huge interest for me.” – Mercedes Priebe, Harwood Levitt Consulting Intern

ISA is currently accepting applications for the summer and fall programs at Vesalius College in Brussels. Internships in Brussels are available for credit during summer, semester and academic year.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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