Avoiding Disaster: 5 Tips for Packing Successfully for Amman

Nadia Elamin is a student at  Chatham University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Nadia is currently studying abroad with ISA in Amman, Jordan.

What over-packing looks like
What over-packing looks like

When about to embark on any trip, especially a study abroad program, packing is the first step in beginning your journey! Here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. Put aside the clothes you plan to travel in

We have all done it before. You pack all your things and soon come to the realization that you have not decided what to wear! Then, you have to go through your suitcase searching for the best and most comfortable outfit. Avoid this hassle by picking your clothes for travel out first.

2. Don’t depend on others to do it for you

If it can be helped, do not depend on others to pack for you. We all get overwhelmed and need a little help, but in some situations, two heads are not better than one. Save yourself the trouble of having to understand another person’s way of packing and try to take on most of the task yourself. Only you will have to deal with the mess once at your destination!

3. Keep in mind that there is a such thing as over-packing

Pack what you need and not what you don’t! This is probably the biggest challenge for me as I have an overwhelming urge to pack as many outfits as I can. Although this is quite tempting to do, reserve a little space, remembering that you may want to buy things at your destination. And there is probably a good chance you will not wear all your clothes while you are away. Be reasonable and flexible!

4. Do not leave it until the last-minute

In our minds, it often seems that packing takes 5 minutes or less. How hard can it be? Just throw some things in a bag and you are done. Wrong. The smart traveler must be willing to devote a good amount of time to packing, organizing, and double checking. If you do this from the beginning, you will have the time to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the journey ahead without scrambling.

5. Pack with the future in mind

When you pack, do so with the understanding that you will have to open the bag again, and that you will have to open it very soon. It is best to try to organize things to make unpacking a smooth process and devoid of any meltdowns. Give your luggage a little TLC and you will be happy you did. Remember, you only get what you give.

Hope you can relate to these tips and utilize them any time you travel!

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