San José Bound and the Purpose of Travel

Kelsi Brooks is a student at Georgia College & State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Kelsi is currently studying abroad with ISA in San José, Costa Rica.

On the Way to Costa Rica
On the Way to Costa Rica

Looking past the fluffy white clouds and the hustle and bustle of the airport, I am fascinated by the various types of travelers– how they move, their states of emotion in certain instances, and the traveler’s motivation for traveling. In an airport people vary in shapes, sizes, and language but they all have a similar body language which signals how they feel.

For the business person, they are well aware of their surroundings. Their strides are long and purposeful yet they barely glance at the people that surround them. Their focus is a task to complete, get paid for, sneak in a tour of the city that they are staying in, and go back home.

For the young adult, our circumstances vary depending on the lifestyle that we have been blessed with in the past. One may have flown a hundred times before, going to visit friends and relatives around the United States. Or this may be one’s first time traveling solo without the comforting accompaniment of one’s parents and guardians.

Wall Art
Miami airport wall art

Whatever the reason for traveling, there are a few things that I hope will unite every young traveler:

We are one of the first generations to be able to experience traveling so liberally and mostly without fear. Without fear of a world other than our own personal bubbles in the United States. We will no longer hesitate and linger on the ideals of having a closed perspective of the world around us. Instead, we would like to explore this “world” and change it for the better for generations to come.

Young travelers develop a worldview when they travel, and can therefore influence and encourage others to experience cultures very different from their own.

They are more open to the idea of living abroad and expand their minds by learning a new language. They also expand their mindsets by interacting and becoming accustomed to a foreign people group.

Thinking in the future of the world, traveling and adapting to foreign cultures helps young adults to develop marketable skills for a successful career.

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