6 Things to do in Korea

Yeejkim Yang is a student at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and an ISA Featured Blogger. Yeejkim is currently studying abroad with ISA in Seoul, South Korea.

Three months into my stay in Seoul and I’ve been enjoying every second of it. Sadly I have less than one month left in this beautiful country. During these three months of exploring, here’s a list of 6 things that I enjoyed doing.

At the top of Dobongsan

1. Hiking

The mountains in Korea are so plentiful. Seoul alone has over 10 mountains you can hike. If I weren’t so lazy, I can hike a different one every week. The views from the peak of the mountains are so breathtaking, especially the ones in Seoul. You can see a lot of the city and its skyscrapers on the peaks. But make sure to stay hydrated and bring lots and lots of water before hiking! These hikes aren’t a walk in the park.

2. Noraebongs (Karaoke rooms)

With a ten-minute walk around any district, I guarantee you that you will pass at least five noraebongs. If you feel like singing your heart out, this is the place to do it. You get a room with a bunch of friends and can choose between English or Korean songs to sing. There are usually tambourines in the rooms to make it even more exciting. It is a must-do if visiting Korea. I usually go to a noraebong to extend my enjoyable nights. If I’m out late a night and don’t feel like ending my night, noraebongs are always the alternative.

Indoor of Lotte World
Indoor of Lotte World

3. Everland and Lotte World

If you like rollercoasters, cotton candy, merry-go-rounds, themed parades, Everland and Lotte World are the places to go! These are two different amusement parks in Korea. Everland is a completely outdoor amusement park while Lotte World has both indoor and outdoor facilities. You will have a different experience in both. While in Everland, don’t miss the safaris where you can see tigers, white tigers, lions, hyenas, bears, etc., up close, literally right next to your tour bus. Also do not leave the park without going on the T-Express rollercoaster ride. You will thank me later. In Lotte World, be sure to check out Magic Island and explore the rides. While in Magic Island, you will feel as if you are in a wonderful fairytale.

dog cafe
dog cafe

4. Cat and/or Dog Cafes

These cafes are very unique. Just like any other typical cafe, you buy your drink, sit down and sip on your drink. In cat/dog cafes, you do all the above, but with dogs and cats running around! If you’re and animal lover, I really recommend coming to one! The dogs in a dog cafe I’ve been to are really friendly and playful. You can also buy them treats to feed them. I spend at least two hours in one every time I go.

At High 1 Ski Resort
At High 1 Ski Resort

5. Skiing/Snowboarding

With the many mountains in Seoul, of course there will be ski resorts! Time finally came where my snowboard gear (that was stuck in my luggage all semester) finally got to see the light and finally got to feel snow. I’m addicted to snowboarding so of course I had to bring my gear!

Beautiful scenery
Beautiful scenery

6. Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a very beautiful island with tons of breathtaking scenery. Everywhere you go, there is water (of course). I’ve never seen the ocean before coming to Korea and it’s very awesome to finally have been surrounded by it. It was also my first time seeing palm trees. Jeju is surrounded by gorgeous palm trees. Playing basketball with the ocean just about 30 feet from you was an enjoyable experience like none other. Not only that, but also seeing the calm ocean outside your hotel room window and eating breakfast with the view of the ocean through the windows were also very harmonious.

The world awaits… discover it.

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