Hitting the Roommate Jackpot in Prague

Chloe Brown is a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an ISA Featured Blogger. Chloe is currently studying abroad with ISA in Prague, Czech Republic.

Photo by ISA Prague Spring 2014 Featured Blogger Benjamin Ward
Photo by ISA Prague Spring 2013 Featured Blogger Benjamin Ward

The first days in Prague were a chaotic tornado of wonder. Making connections, arriving in Prague, tearing through the  flat like its the opening episode of The Real World .The most important event that took place in those crazy hours:  meeting the roommates. You’ve got those new roommate jitters as you step off the plane, just like your freshman year back home. Having had a horrible roommate experience before, I had my share of uncertainties going into my trip.  You don’t have to be friends you just have to live together, what if we can’t even live together? But miraculously I hit the roommate jackpot.

I share a beautiful flat, (really outstandingly beautiful), with three lovely women.  The four of us are uniquely different, but so far we’ve been getting along great! I’m a total type A anxious freak, and I’ll admit that I can be overwhelming sometimes. The other three have somehow managed to mellow me out and as far as I can tell, they don’t want to throw me out of our third floor window, (maybe it’s only a matter of time).

Ariana is a super sweet heart from Pennsylvania, though maybe it’s the belle in her that gives her her mysterious southern twang. She’s studying to be a teacher and you can tell that she’s going to be amazing. She gushes about the kids she worked with at summer camp like they’re her own. Whatever school gets her will be lucky and her students will fall adore her immediately. She has a heartwarming smile that melted my (sometimes cold) shell immediately. She’s adorable and I can’t wait to explore Prague with her, her bubbly energy makes everything seem even more magical.  I’m so glad that she’s my roommate!

Julie is our spunky little grandma, (trust me; it’s a term of endearment and refers only to the chunky scarf you can usually find wrapped around her head and has nothing to do with her age or demeanor). She’ll probably laugh out loud if she ever reads this, and she probably won’t agree with me but I think Miss Julie is the definition of cool. She rocks these killer hiking boots all the time, which look kick-ass on her small frame. She can throw together the best outfits in 3 minutes and you’d think she spent at least 20 scrutinizing her wardrobe, (she will also probably laugh at that too). And to top it all off, she has the most amazingly smooth singing voice, if you’re hoping to catch a show, she frequents our kitchen sink when its dish washing time.

Last but not least is Megan. Megan is a beautifully kind person with a warm and welcoming heart. She radiates a golden glow that seeps into your heart and lets you know she genuinely cares. Her beautiful soul is matched by her model exterior, with her cute pixie cut and shockingly blue eyes she’s a knockout. Megan did not hesitate to welcome me with a hug when we first met. She emanates a warm, loving glow that makes her a rather comforting, mother like figure in our room. She’s the shoulder you want to cry on, and I’m sure she’ll fill that position for me once or twice this semester.

Our first day together was full of ease and laughter. We headed down the street to grab dinner at a Czech restaurant recommended to us by one of our on-site staff, or personal saviors as we affectionately call them. We ordered tall glasses of golden Czech beer, ate off each other’s plates, laughed, took pictures, and thoroughly annoyed our Czech wait staff. The restaurant has become our spot, and our flat has become our home, though it’s only been a few weeks.

So I may have just gotten super mushy and in detail about people you’ll only ever get to know through my writing, but they need a proper introduction! I’m sure you want to hear about the first time getting lost and the first few encounters with Czech language. But what I remember most about my first few days here is getting to know my roommates, and feeling blessed to be able to share my journey with them.

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