15 Fun Facts about the CP Family

ISA’s Custom Programs division is celebrating its 15th year in service to U.S. universities for their faculty-led and partnerships study abroad programming. Join us for this series of 15 things as you imagine, develop, and implement your own custom programs abroad.

1. Tacos.

Photo: TacoDeli






Even though only half of our team are native Texans [Laura, Lauren, Melissa, and Erin], we all share the same great taste in breakfast tacos. Thanks to TacoDeli for making our morning staff meetings Jess Special!

2. Double trouble.

Both Brendan Richardson and Christine Freudenburg represent one-half of well-matched fraternal duos.

3. Namasté.











Yoga Tuesdays at ISA are taught by our very own Erin Mursch and Nannette Taft.

4. Also, cakes.

Our newest team member, Allison DeCarlo, brings a lot to the table and for that, we are grateful.

5. Seminole chop!

Nannette Taft and Brendan Richardson each served as Graduate Assistants for Florida State University at FSU Study Centers in Valencia, Florence, and London.

6. Pura Vida.









Curtis Larsen moved to Costa Rica at the ripe old age of 18, and over the next 10 years, completed his undergraduate degree and founded Vida Volunteer Travel.

7. Smile and wave.











With big hair and braces, Melissa Stone was a true Dallas, Texan and competed in pageants beginning at age 11.

8. The Laura Pierce Weldon legacy.

Laura joined ISA in 2005 as a University Relations Representative for NAFSA Region IV, and became a Regional Director for the department in 2007. In 2011, Laura transitioned into the newly created position, Director of Partnership Programs, until 2012, when Partnership Programs became a part of the CP department and she transitioned to Associate Director of Custom Programs.

9. Acrobats.

Allison DeCarlo was a natural when she took to the high swings at Trapeze Austin, and rumor has it she might be heading toward trouper status.

10. 78% of all statistics are made up on the spot.











Including this one. But with Christine Freudenburg’s current continued education in statistics at Penn State, we’re fortunate she keeps our math accurate.

11. Expert level.
















12. Vroom vroom.

Our own resident rebel rousers, Curtis Larsen and Lauren Alexander, pile on the black leather and roar out of the office parking lot each afternoon via some very impressive motorcycles.

13. Hii-yaah!

Watch out for Nannette Taft, our team’s Taekwondo black belt – you don’t want her nunchucks coming your way.

14. On your mark.

Lauren Alexander, Nannette Taft, and Christine Freudenburg have all competed in endurance athletic events and have the medals to prove it!

15. Beliebe it or not.

As Justin Bieber, Lauren Alexander wooed the ISA crowd at Halloween 2011. Then fling, Selena Gomez [Melissa Stone], and three Beliebers [Erin Mursch, Christine Freudenburg, and former staff Stephanie Jackson] joined together in a choreographed dance to “Baby” and took home the ISA Halloween Contest grand prize.

With a combined 30+ years of experience at ISA, the CP family looks forward to working with you for your faculty-led and partnership programs abroad.

Written by Melissa StoneISA Custom Programs for Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, and Jordan.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

Since 1987, International Studies Abroad (ISA) has provided college students in the United States and Canada the opportunity to explore the world. ISA offers a wide variety of study abroad programs at accredited schools and universities in 73 program locations throughout the world.

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  1. What a great looking crew. It was nice to meet so many of you when I was in Austin. Thank you for being so wonderful to Brendan.

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