Guest Post: Packing Advice for London

Kate Story is a student at the University of Tampa and an ISA Guest Blogger. Kate is currently studying abroad with ISA in London, England.


In preparation for my fall semester abroad in London, England I was frazzled, confused and a bit clueless. Even with all the helpful pre departure materials ISA provided and the advice I had received from friends, I still found myself a bit overwhelmed. The last week or so before my departure I was rushing back and forth between stores trying to find clothes that would work with the foggy weather that London is famous for. Going to school at the University of Tampa means my wardrobe consists of tank tops, shorts, sandals and other typical warm weather clothes. Since I found myself to be having quite a bit of trouble with what clothes to pack, I decided that I would write a blog to try and help future students with their packing.

I will start with clothes. Think layers. Pack a few basic tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeves. I am personally a plain-Jane kind of gal so I went with the basic colored v-necks and waffle shirts. Definitely pack a variety of leggings and jeans. I brought multiple pairs of plain black leggings, regular blue jeans, and then a few colored pair of jeans (not white), and a few printed patterned leggings. Bring sweaters, thick and thin, crewneck and button up. Don’t forget a warm weather coat. This may be a pea coat for some or a Polar Tec like fleece for others. For me it was my basic black north face. Also bring a leather jacket if you have one and a raincoat that preferably has a hood. If you have black tights bring those as well. Bring enough underwear and socks to last you a week and a half or so to avoid frequently doing laundry. Lastly, bring a few cute going out tops, short and mid sleeves, a dress, and a pair or two of high wasted shorts to wear with a pair of tights.

I’ll admit it shoes are my weakness, so for all you girls out there who want to bring a hundred different pairs trust me I know what your going through. Realistically though that can’t happen, so here is what I recommend. Pack a pair of converse, a pair of wedges for going out (you don’t want to wear heels trust me), a good pair of sneakers that are comfy to walk in, and lastly definitely pack a pair or even two of boots. I recommend combat boots!

As for the bags bring a backpack or large purse for school, a small cross body to use when you go out at night (one that can fit a small wallet and phone), and a medium sized purse that is big enough to fit an umbrella, wallet, camera, and water bottle (if you want). For me this was my long champ.

London is very diverse and is accepting of a wide range of styles, so no matter what you wear you will look normal. Try to be comfortable, happy, and not worry about it too much!

Here are a few websites I referenced while I was packing.

Well, hopefully this has helped and I truly hope you enjoy your travels abroad this semester you will make unforgettable memories with new, life long friends!

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  1. Love the advice, I went recently and had to take a small backpack! I was panicking but fitted everything in that i needed!

  2. Love this! totally spot on. One time one of my my friends brought heels while we were in London, and in 2 hours we were back at the hotel changing shoes. No heels are definitely best. :)

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