The Tastes of Hyderabad: 15 Must Tries for the Adventurous Foodie

Photo by ISA student Audrey Rattay in India

Michael Stewart is an ISA Site Specialist for Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.  Michael works with students studying abroad in Morocco, India and Jordan.

From Hyderabad’s famous Biryani to its signature desserts, Hyderabadi cuisine reflects in its dishes the incredible diversity of the Indian subcontinent.  A mixture of North Indian classics like Awadh, Tandoori, and local Telugu cuisine, the Hyderabadi style also traces its roots to the Nizams of Hyderabad (former rulers hailing from the Asaf Jah dynasty native to modern-day Uzbekistan who came to India via Baghdad, for those of us who enjoy a quick bit of history to go along with our meal).  Due to their influence, Hyderabadi cuisine still maintains strong flavors of the Middle East.

Photo by ISA student Audrey Rattay in India

While the standout dishes of biryani, a famous rice and meat dish, and haleem, a porridge-like wheat and meat dish, are mild enough for all tastes to enjoy, the following is a list and brief description of Hyderabad’s signature dishes.


  • Hyderabadi Biryani: Lamb and rice, traditional biryani of Hyderabad!
  • Kachche- Gosht Ki Biryani: Raw meat is combined with masala spices and then combined into the rice to simmer

Side that go great with Biryani

  • Mirchi ka Salan: Chili curry
  • Dahi Chutney: Curd mixed with onions, coriander, pudina, and green chilies

Curries and Starters

  • Bagara Khana: Basmati rice
  • Murghi ka Khorma: Chicken curry
  • Hyderabadi Kheema: Popular mutton curry that is native to Hyderabad
  • Paaya: Bone soup
  • Dalcha: Mutton and lentil delicacy
  • Baghara Baingan: Stuffed eggplants with a grounded peanut-coconut mixture
  • Rawghani Roti: A type of Indian traditional bread
  • Katti Dal: Liquefied dal made with Imli


  • Qubani ka Meetha: Apricot pudding with almonds and cream
  • Double ka Meetha: Bread pudding with dried fruit
  • Mauz-ka-Meetha: Banana dessert


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