Morocco: Why You Should Choose this Affordable and Welcoming Gateway

Photo by ISA student Abbey Krusemark in Agadir, Morocco

Michael Stewart is an ISA Site Specialist for Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.  Michael works with students studying abroad in Morocco, India and Jordan.

Morocco’s natural beauty captures something timeless and almost indescribable in the imagination of all who visit.  From the eternal dunes of the Sahara, to the snowy peaks of the Atlas mountains, the natural landscape of this stunning North African country truly offers something for everyone.  Inspiring the likes of famed intellectuals and artists like Tennessee Williams, William Burroughs and Jimi Hendrix, as well as the adventurous study abroad student, Morocco remains a welcoming destination for the budget-conscious traveler.

Students participating in ISA’s study abroad Meknes program have the opportunity to explore this beautiful country on excursions to Casablanca, Marrakech, and the Roman ruins of Volubilis … just to name a few. The Moroccan national railway also connects Meknes to all major cities across the country, making weekend trips to other parts of the country easy and affordable. Many ISA Meknes students also take advantage of Morocco’s proximity to Europe, flying with low-cost airlines to destinations such as Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and London for an unforgettable journey with their newfound classmates and friends.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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