Annyeonghaseyo Seoul! My First Impressions

Yeejkim Yang is a student at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and an ISA Featured Blogger. Yeejkim is currently studying abroad with ISA in Seoul, South Korea.

This is what lights up Seoul at night
This is what lights up Seoul at night

Flying for the first time in my life was pretty nerve-wracking. Making it an international flight just added to the anxiety. As I flew around the globe, I couldn’t wait to land. I couldn’t wait to get off the 14-hour flight and I also couldn’t wait to have finally set foot on Seoul gravel. Once the plane landed, I can already tell the atmosphere was very different the moment I stepped off the plane.

From every corner of my eye, there were Korean people inside the airport and out, enjoying the hot and humid Seoul weather. All the signs are in Korean and just a little bit English text underneath. I couldn’t find the baggage claim area and when I asked the Korean employees at the airport, they didn’t understand English. So already I’ve been hit with the language barrier. Although it was stressful that no one understood me, it felt great! I’m finally in Seoul, South Korea! From that moment, I realized the struggle that I’m going to have in the next 4 months, but am looking forward to it. I did eventually find my way around and did get my baggage.

Representing Konkuk University now
Representing Konkuk University now

Spending just a week in Seoul, I already know I’m going to love it. Everything has been wonderful so far. The best thing so far is the food. Korean food is amazing. Mostly every Korean meal comes with a lot of side dishes, and of course kimchi is one of the sides. The main course of the dish usually contains the meat of your choice. Korean diet contains plentiful amount of spicy vegetables, which I can get used to. Spice is also a must for Korean food. If you dislike spicy dishes, you will have trouble in eating in Seoul! Well not quite, because if the dish you eat isn’t spicy, then there is a great possibility it is very, very sweet. So maybe you will be able to last here after all. A combination with walking to my destination instead of driving will definitely make me drop a few pounds, and that I am looking forward to.

Korean dish called “Samgyeopsal”
Korean dish called “Samgyeopsal”

Seoul really comes to life at night. It’s as if everyone here is nocturnal. If you think 5pm is the busiest time of day, you haven’t seen anything yet. Here in Seoul, everyone comes out at night, whether it be going out to eat, shopping, or just hanging out with friends. City lights are not a factor because the lights from stores and their signs are what lights up the streets. If you’re driving in Seoul at nighttime, good luck. I can’t even walk down a block without having to move my shoulder in order to not bump into anyone. It is such a beautiful view when you look up to the sky at 10pm and all you see is lights. This, I can get used to. You can see more pictures of my journey in Seoul by clicking on this link to my Flickr account here.

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My name is Yeejkim Yang (pronounced "Yankee"). I am a 20 year old male from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I am currently studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea at Konkuk University.

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  1. I studied abroad in South Korea last spring at Kondae too! I’m glad to hear that you’re loving it over there. I sure miss the night life of Seoul. It’s strange to feel tired at 11pm back home. I use to stay past 2 and it would feel totally normal when I was in Seoul. I was so spoiled in Seoul. Hope you have a fun rest of the semester.

  2. Sounds like seoul is an amazing place to be! I will be visiting soon enough, I hope to experience everything you have talked about! Looking forward for your next blog postings! Thanks mate!

    1. Both are very delicious dishes! Hopefully luck will be on your side and you find a Korean restaurant there!

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