The City of Festivals: Top 5 Cultural Events in Cork, Ireland

Brittany Clark is an ISA Site Specialist for Ireland. She works with students studying abroad in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Near the Cork City Centre.
Near the Cork City Centre.

Ireland’s second largest city, Cork is the Irish city of festivals. There are over twenty different festivals over the course of a year in this vibrant city on the River Lee.  From music to books, film to cycling, here’s our top 5 picks for students privileged and adventurous enough to dive Corker life.

FIVE: Cork Cycling Festival
A 100% free festival, the Cork Cycling Festival offers something for cyclists of all levels each July. There’s cycling parades and tours, DIY workshops, and even a bike beauty pageant.

FOUR: Cork St. Patrick’s Festival
You don’t need to be in Dublin to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Cork St. Patrick’s Festival, the biggest parade in southern Ireland.

THREE: Cork Midsummer Festival
Enjoy the arts? Whether you’re looking for theatre, dance, music, opera, visual arts, or street arts, you can’t go wrong with the Cork Midsummer Festival.

TWO: Cork Film Festival
Forget the Sundance Film Festival or the Cannes Film Festival! The Cork Film Festival, held in November, has been gradually gaining recognition as one of the leading film festivals in Europe in recent years.

ONE: Cork Jazz Festival
If there’s one festival in Cork that should not be missed, it’s definitely the Cork Jazz Festival held in October. The Cork Jazz Festival is the largest Jazz event held in Ireland and attracts close to 40,000 music lovers a year.

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