Finalmente, Valencia!

Callie Wilkinson is a student at University of Michigan and an ISA Featured Blogger. Callie is currently studying abroad with ISA in Valencia, Spain.

Valencia 1
Our first impressions of Valencia! Photo credit to my roommate, Emily Gang

Finally, we have arrived in the city I will call home for the next month – Valencia! A new place can be overwhelming at first, especially a city of Valencia’s size. For some advice about the area and the culture, I sat down with my host mother to ask some questions.

Q: What are five MUSTS that one should do or see in Valencia?

A:      1. Go to the beach

2. Eat paella

3. Visit the City of Arts and Sciences

4. Visit the historic center of the city

5. Shop at Calle Colón (popular Spanish stores are El Corte Inglés, Zara and Mango)


Q: What food is Valencia known for?

A: Paella made with seafood, especially from the fantastic restaurants on the beach.


Q: What is a typical and popular drink in Valencia?

A: Horchata, Agua de Valencia and of course, Sangría!


Q: Any advice for young people visiting Valencia?

A: Never walk around at night alone. Take advantage of the Metro and the Valenbisi bike system! Also, when you go to the beach, never leave your belongings alone while you swim in the water or they might be gone when you return.

So, there you have it from a local perspective! Basically, eat the food, drink the drink, swim at the beach and visit modern Valencia. It is a beautiful city with so much to offer, and I am excited to continue exploring.

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  1. Hi!! great post but as someone from Valencia I would give you some more advice…. go for tapas in the neighborhood of Ruzafa. It is not as turistic as the old city and it is quite cheap. There is where people from the city go out!

    1. I’ll be there studying abroad next year in the spring. I would appreciate a whole bunch of advice. :)

  2. This makes me more excited than I have already been for the last few weeks. I plan to study abroad next year. Spring 2015. I am extremely excited and also a little bit nervous.

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