A Sea of Green: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Emily Cable is a student at the University of Rhode Island and an ISA Featured Blogger. Emily is currently studying abroad with Interstudy in Dublin, Ireland.

Parade Me and Rachel
It was raining and snowy and cold, but that didn’t stop us!

As everyone knows, St. Patrick’s Day is a hugely important holiday in Ireland. It celebrates Saint Patrick who, hundreds of years ago, was believed to drive all the snakes from the island of Ireland.

The International Society at Maynooth was lucky enough to have been asked to walk in the Dublin parade! So, on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, all fifty some-odd of us piled onto the bus and headed into Dublin. Our group represented over 30 countries from all over the world. It was freezing that morning, a mild wind combined with a rain and snow mix, but it didn’t bother us, we were too excited for what was to come.

Parade Aussie
This guy here with the Australian flag was so funny!

We met with the groups both ahead of and behind us in the parade and I was amazed to see the diverse group of people who had gathered to be in this celebration. The group in front of us was from South Africa; each person was dressed in a crazy costume, everything from bright green tutus to giant elephant costumes!

When we finally started marching in the parade I couldn’t stop from smiling. There were people everywhere; behind the barricades, climbing on statues, leaning out of windows, standing of rooftops, you name it! It was a truly a sight to see.

At one point we had a moment to look back at what was behind us as we marched and I could tell that everyone was shocked. It was a true sea of green.

Parade Sea of Green
I couldn’t even tell where the parade ended and the crowd began.

If going to the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade is not already on your bucket list, highly recommend that you put it on there STAT.

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