Fallas In Valencia!

Alaysha Cassell is a student at Washington State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Alaysha is currently studying abroad with ISA in Valencia, Spain.

In my last blog I mentioned that time flies, and I had only been in Valencia for three weeks. Well those three weeks have already turned into 2 months! (Short of a week or so) That’s right I am counting. Mainly because I kind of don’t want this experience to end because after adjusting to life at school and Valencia in general, I am appreciating every moment.

Salamanca street in Valencia, Spain

Yesterday was the beginning ceremony of the Fallas celebration that will kick off on March 15th and go until the 19th. It was very cool to see and be apart of at the same time, to say the least. People from all around the city gathered at the Los Torres monument, they shut down a few streets close to it because of all the people in the streets, it was a sight to see. They lit up the monument and had band playing before the speaker announced their speech to officially kick off Fallas. The crowd of Valencianos all yelled with happiness and excitement and later began singing in unison songs that I did not know because I am not from Valencia sadly, but that night I sure felt like I was. The welcoming of Fallas only lasted about an hour but ended with fire works. It was a warm feeling watching all the people in the streets departing, some playing drums, holding flags and dancing in excitement. And that night was just a preview of Fallas’ week long festivities, and I could not be more excited.

Fallas kick off in Valencia

Aside from all of the excitement of Fallas, Valencia has proven to be a great city for me, I have became familiar with my way around the city and have gotten to meet some locals who have been nothing but friendly. I went out the other night to a bar that I had only been to once before and I really enjoyed walking around the area. It was so lively at night, people outside everywhere just enjoying drinks and conversation. One thing I can say that always makes me appreciate being here is the scenery, the way the lights hit buildings at night makes them glow. Hay muchos chicos guapos también y ahora lo único que tengo que hacer es hablar con ellos a practicar mi español mas. ;)

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