5 Reasons Why You Should be Studying in Panama this Summer

Matthew Steiner is the ISA Site Specialist for Panama City. He also works with students studying abroad in Peru and Chile.

Panama City Skyline
View of the busy skyline from the Amador Cuaseway

1) Get Ahead For Next Year

Summer programs from previous years have been condensed into one 10-week program. Students have the opportunity to get up 10 semester credits or 15 quarter units. They will also be able to participate in all the same included excursions as a Spring or Fall semester student.

Panama Canal Tour
ISA Students learn about the formation of the Panama Canal at the Miraflores Lock

2) No Visa, No problem

No student visa is needed for the ISA Summer program in Panama City. Relax and focus on learning more about the culture before you go.

Study Abroad Students in Panama
ISA students enjoying a barbecue with Panamanian students at FSU-Panama

3) Take Courses with Local Panamanian Students in English

If you want to interact with local students, but are worried about not having a high Spanish language level, this could be a great option for you. While the program will offer Spanish courses, the focus will be on electives taught in English. There will be Panamanian students in all of your classes. You’ll have the unique opportunity to make new local friends and practice your Spanish with them, without being overwhelmed about taking the class in a language other than your native tongue.


Ocean view in Panama
A beautiful day begins in the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro

4) Location, Location, Location!

With The Panama Canal is only 48 miles wide, you can easily swim in the Atlantic ocean in the morning at the San Blas or Bocas del Toro archipelagos, and return to the city to touch the Pacific that very evening at the Amador Causeway.

Cable car over the Panama Canal
Flying through the treetops in Gamboa

5) Culturally Rich Panamá

Dance with the indigenous Embera tribe. Dive into the history of the Canal and its influences from the Spanish, French, and U.S. Soar through the tropical rainforest via gondola. Become one with nature after swimming in a waterfall in the Panamanian highlands.

Like the ISA Panama Facebook page to see more pictures from past programs. Studying in Panama City this summer is as easy as putting that first foot forward . . .

Panama Independence Day
A young Panamanian boy marches during Independence Day celebrations

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