Photography in France: In Paris, a City Waiting for its Glamor Shot

Abby Comeau is an ISA Site Specialist for Europe. Abby works with students studying abroad in France and Ireland.

Study photography abroad isa paris

Paris is a city waiting for her glamor shot.  From fashion to Facebook, digital or print, amateur and professional photographers alike clamor for this seductive city that plays to the camera like a celebrity on the red carpet.  In Paris, the century-old streets and glitzy avenues are a photographer’s dream; one in which when you wake up, you just might realize that you spent more time seeing this alluring city through a camera lens than through your sunglasses.

Study photography abroad isa paris

Earn Credit
Taking a photography class in Paris is a fantastic way to progress from the enthusiastic yet sometimes clueless Instagramer, to a photographer extraordinaire. Take on the Rule of Thirds with ISA’s summer class Photography in Paris: Documenting the City of Light.  Offered during the Arts & French Language Summer 1 and Summer 2 programs, students study the historical significance of photography in Paris, learn how to use a digital SLR, venture out of the classroom on photographic explorations, and participate in classroom critiques.

Galleries and Museums
Need inspiration? Put down your camera and visit a photography exhibition. Jeu de Paume, located next to the Louvre, is one France’s foremost photography museums and offers changing exhibitions throughout the year. Musée Carnavalet, which focuses on the history of Paris, has close to 150,000 photographs including a collection dating from the invention of the art itself. Finally, you’ll want to check out temporary exhibitions in other museums and galleries – Paris’ Visitor’s Bureau is a fantastic place to find out about the latest shows.

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