The 12 Days of Custom Programs: Math and Engineering Abroad

Brendan Richardson is a Program Manager in ISA‘s Custom Programs [CP] division and a contributor to ISA Today as a part of ‘The 12 Days of Custom Programs‘ Series.

On the fifth day of Christmas, ISA CP gave to me: A Program for Math and Engineering!

The North Pole wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Rome.  With these ISA Custom Programs for Math and Engineering, students of all majors can get a better understanding of how the Romans designed and constructed their famous monuments that have lasted through centuries.

Mathematical Beauty with the University of California, San Diego

  • Five weeks in Rome during Summer 2013
  • Students will explore classical Roman Architecture from a mathematical and engineering perspective
  • Visits to ancient Roman sites and excursions to Florence and Pisa

For more information and to apply: UCSD Mathematical Beauty

*Please note that because these programs are administered by a U.S. university (not by ISA), you should discuss your interest in these programs with your study abroad office and academic advisor before applying to determine your eligibility for academic credit and financial aid. The eligibility requirements, application process, and program fees for these programs will vary and are determined by the U.S. university administering the program.

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