Five Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

Claire Turner is a student at Indiana University Bloomington and an ISA Featured Blogger. Claire is currently studying abroad in Reading, England on an ISA Fall 1 program.

I felt like such a tourist taking this picture, but they seriously don’t move. Crazzy!!

The Royal Guards are one of the many iconic images one thinks of when they think of England.  Although you can not hire some of these guards to be your own personal body guards, there are many ways you can stay safe while studying abroad.  No matter where you go for University, home or abroad, you must be safe! Reading is a fantastic town and a fantastic University, and I always feel safe here.  But there are some things that you should know to help you stay extra safe (I know my mom appreciates all of this info, so hopefully this can help sooth your parent’s nerves when you’re about to head abroad).

1)      Always use the Buddy system!! Never go out on your own, always go with a friend.

2)      If there ever is an Emergency, the Emergency number here is 999(but hopefully you’ll never have to use it!)

3)      Always have a cab number saved in your phone.  There are many cab companies here in town the one that we tend to use the most is Top Cars.  The number is 01189442222. You may find a different company you like more, but it is always smart to have at least one number in your phone just in case!

4)      If there is ever an issue within your hall there are two numbers for your Hall Security.  For Windsor Hall the two numbers are 01183786300 for Emergency situations and 01183787799 for Non-Emergency issues.  You will be given this information when you move in regardless of your hall so just make sure you keep those numbers handy.  Just some more numbers it would be smart to have stored away in your phone!

5)      A really awesome program that the University of Reading has instilled this year is a “Pay Later” Taxi Scheme.  How it works is first you go and get your Pay Later cards from the Student Union.  Then if you are out for the night and you need a ride home but don’t have the far, call Top Cars (number is above) and tell them you are using the “Pay Later” Scheme.  You will figure out a safe meeting place for you to be picked up and then when your cab gets there, hand them your cards.  You’ll get home safe and sound.  Then later head over to the union to buy your cards back and that’s how you pay your cab fare.  This is a really great program to make sure no students are stranded or walking home alone after a night out.

As I said before, Reading has been a great place to be but I would rather be safe than sorry.  Plus if you have taken all these measures you will feel safer and more likely to not worry. No worrying means you will have more fun! And trust me, you will definitely have a lot of fun here at Reading!!

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    1. That is a really good point! I was lucky in that there were not too many major differences between here and home. Plus I had a lot of friends here and a lot of friends who have been here already that gave me the heads up on what I needed to be aware of. But I definitely agree on doing your homework about local laws and customs. Especially if you are going to a place that has very different local laws and customs than what you are use to at home!

  1. YAY for learning the emergency number. I would often ask my friends visiting me, “What do you call if there’s an emergency” most of them had no idea emergency numbers were different! I have had to call emergency numbers (though never for me. Once because I building caught on fire, and once for a fight on the beach.

    Anyways I just wanted to say tgreat tips. I have some directed at everyone, but a few specifically for women (like turning your bra into a money belt!) which some of your readers may enjoy.

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