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Allison Body is a student at Rockhurst University and an ISA Classmates Connecting Cultures blogger corresponding with a 3rd grade class in Texas. Allison is currently studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic on an ISA Fall 1 program.

I have been trying to figure out what it is about cities in Europe that make them so unique compared to American cities, and while I have come up with several different answers, the most simple one is this: the colors.

I love New York, Chicago, and other major American cities, but the jungle of skyscrapers is just not the same as all of the colors I love in Europe.  So for each color of the rainbow I picked a different sight to see in Europe, so you can get a glimpse of the colors I can’t get enough of.

Red: Prague Rooftops

I know I talk about them all of the time, but I will never get tired of this view of red.

Rooftops of Praha (Prague)

Orange: Leaves in Berlin

ISA took us to Berlin at the height of perfect fall weather, and in the middle of Berlin there was a huge park that my friends and I wandered through on our last morning in the city, trying to find a flea market.  We never found the market, but we were pretty happy with the trees.

Fall in Berlin

Yellow: Budapest at Night

One thing that I loved about Budapest was that they lit up their castle, bridges, and parliament building at night so that not only could you see them, but they actually looked like they were glowing.

Parliament and the castle with my roommates!
The Chain Bridge at night from our river cruise!

Green: Ireland

This one is an obvious one.  But until you see the countryside of Ireland, it is hard to believe that it really is that green.  We got to spend a night in my friend’s grandma’s house on a hill in the Irish countryside, and it was beautiful!

The view from where I was staying.
Just headed down a country road into town.

Blue: Fountains of Rome

I know I love talking about these too, but there were just so many of them!  The water was even lit with blue light at the fountains in front of the Altar of Peace Museum.

Sitting with my friend Sam in front of the very blue Ara Pacis fountains.
Making my wish at the Trevi Fountain!

Purple: Stained Glass Windows

I love going into cathedrals and seeing all of the stained glass windows.  There are so many different colors, but purple was always my favorite color growing up, so I do love seeing the purple light.

Stained glass windows at St. Barbara Cathedral in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.

Pink: My Coat

Okay, so it’s not technically part of the rainbow, and I’m not technically part of Europe, but it is the perfect coat for here and makes me very easy to keep track of as I travel all over!

Taking a break after a stroll around the Prague castle gardens.
Catching the metro home after ISA took us to the opera.
Making my mark on Prague’s famous Lennon Wall.

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