Immersion in Buenos Aires: The Case for Choosing the University of El Salvador

Paula Howell is an ISA Site Specialist for Latin America. Paula works with students studying abroad in Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

With over 200 degree programs, the University of el Salvador in downtown Buenos Aires offers students the chance to truly immerse themselves in the vivacious and electrifying culture of Argentina. Founded just a few years after the death of the iconic Eva Perón (Evita), the University of el Salvador has over one hundred agreements with foreign institutions and hosts approximately 500 international students per year.  This gives students the unique opportunity to not only study with local Argentines, but also students from across the globe in the charming Capital of Tango.

The University of el Salvador is proud to offer high-intermediate Spanish speakers the ability to study at this prestigious university through the Society, Politics & Culture semester program.  This program is designed specifically for students who are at the intermediate language level and looking to take courses in art, theater, politics, economy, and more. Each program begins with a 3-week intensive Spanish language course that allows students to ‘transition’ from English to Spanish and helps them become comfortable participating in a new language in a classroom setting.

During the semester in beautiful Buenos Aires, students will take one required course, Contemporary Latin American Language and Culture, and will then have the ability to choose from a variety of these electives taught in Spanish:

The Society, Politics & Culture program at the University of el Salvador is perfect for students seeking to challenge their Spanish proficiency in the capital of one of South America’s most treasured cities. Famous for its café culture, Buenos Aires offers students the opportunity to practice their language skills on a daily basis with native speakers, while furthering their academic objectives.  Whether sipping fresh mate tea on one of the Argentine capitals many boulevards, or relaxing with new friends at a traditional barbeque known as an asado, Buenos Aires gracefully blends European elegance with the soul of the Americas.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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