Home-sick but Prague-well

Allison Body is a student at Rockhurst University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Allison is currently studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic on an ISA Fall 1 program.

Hanging out in Budapest with Monica (left) and Brinda (center)!

The strange thing about studying abroad is that I am occasionally homesick, but at the same time there are things that I am fully enjoying in Prague that I know I will miss when I leave.  So what is the opposite of homesick?  I have decided to call it Prague-well (“well” seems like the best opposite of sick).  So here are 3 things that I am “sick” for at home, and 3 things that are “well” in Prague.

What I Miss About Home:

    • Family and Friends.  I miss talking to my mom!  I didn’t realize how much we talked until my email inbox (and hers) started filling up with very long emails.  I miss getting late night Taco Bell with my little sister and hearing about my brother’s freshman year of college.  Sometimes it is tough to only occasionally Skype with my dad or to see pictures of my friends’ lives at school.
    • Breakfast.  Sadly, I miss bacon.  A breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, cheese, and mayonnaise is my favorite breakfast, but I can’t seem to find bacon here!
    • Noise.  It is very quiet here…there is a 10:00 pm noise curfew.  My housemates and I at home liked to be loud and giggly and listen to music, but I am learning to be a lot quieter here.
Prague rooftops

What’s Keeping Me Well in Prague:

      • Cozy Places.  Prague is cold.  But Czechs are prepared for the cold, so it seems like so many places in Prague are designed to be warm and inviting.  My favorite restaurant, U Sudu, is made up of underground brick tunnels and rooms, which keep out the chilly air perfectly.  In addition, today I wandered through bookstores that were small, cozy, and well-heated—the perfect place to spend a cloudy day.
      • Red Roofs.   I love sitting somewhere above the city and looking out at the rooftops.  The colors are beautiful—so many reds, greens, and yellows.  Sometimes I stare at the view and try to figure out how I can put all the colors of Prague into my future house in the U.S.
      • New Friends.  Monica and I have bonded over our love of bread and giggling.  Brinda is the perfect traveling companion.  Andy loves goofy dancing as much as I do.  And the list goes on… I am going to miss these people in a few months!

Though some days I can’t believe I am so far from home for so long, most days all is well here, and I know that someday soon I will be homesick for Prague instead of the U.S.

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  1. Allison,

    We really love seeing your pictures and hearing about your time in Prague. Thanks for sharing! We are just beginning to study weather in Science, so this was perfect for us.

    We can’t wait to hear more from you!

    Mrs. Samaniego’s 3rd grade class in Texas :)

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