My Own Personal London Scavenger Hunt

Claire Turner is a student at Indiana University Bloomington and an ISA Featured Blogger. Claire is currently studying abroad in Reading, England on an ISA Fall 1 program.

So this means that I have 16000 words coming your way! Last year I bought this poster of various locations around London. At the time I didn’t really think much of it, just that it was a cool poster and I was a London-holic. It wasn’t until this summer (almost a year later) when discussing my trip to London, my friend Kate came up with a genius idea: I should take similar if not the same pictures and frame the two side by side. My own personalĀ London scavenger hunt. So of course I am going to do such a brilliant idea. So here it is, the first installment of this 16 piece adventure. Stay tuned for the real life pics as well as the stories, fun facts, or just random tidbits that will accompany the image.


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