Rome Application Deadline Extended to Oct. 26th

Jessica Pino is an ISA Site Specialist for Italy. Jessica works with students studying abroad in Florence and Rome.

The spring 2013 application deadline for Rome has been extended to October 26th! So what better time than now to bust the top five myths we hear from our students? See a glimpse of the city in this ISA Rome video:

Myth 1 – It’s no New York City
Truth – Rome is World Class City

Rome is a world class city and holds its own against cities like Paris, London and New York. Some of the biggest names in the fashion and jewelry industries can be found throughout the city. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari, Tiffany & Co. Harry Winston, Dior and Chanel are just some of the designers you can shop while in Rome.

Photo Taken By Russell Yarwood

Myth 2 – There’s nothing but churches and art
Truth – Rome has more than just the Vatican City

While, yes, Rome is home to the Vatican and over 900 churches, Rome has so much more to offer than just the masterpieces of Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Leonardo. Rome is the political capital of Italy and the center of the Italian film industry. It’s also a foodie’s dream with Roman dishes such as Pasta alla Carbonara, Amatriciana and Saltimbocca.

Myth 3 – Rome is old and has nothing to offer young people
Truth –
Rome offers a mix of new and old and there is something for everyone

While Rome has a wealth of history that dates back thousands of years, it also offers a variety of things to do night and day. Decisions on what to do can range from shopping in open air markets, people-watching on the Spanish Steps, or listening to jazz in Trastevere.

Myth 4 – Men are too pushy
Truth – Yes, you will hear ‘ciao bella’ constantly, but don’t take offense.

While you will often hear men saying ‘ciao bella’, don’t take offense as not all Italian men are forward and there are plenty of respectful ones out there. Often cultural differences such as making eye contact and smiling are a sign that you are interested in getting to know that person. So if you do hear a few whistles and call, simply ignore and keep walking.

Myth 5– Rome has too many tourists
Truth –
Rome definitely has a quieter side.

There are many neighborhoods of Rome which allow you to live like a local and step out of the hustle and bustle of the tourist traps. Neighborhoods such as Trastevere, Gianicolense and Monteverde are some of the most sought after areas of Rome, and home to the American University of Rome and ISA office! You can even catch famous Italian actors and directors such as Nanni Moretti living in the area.


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