Come Home Fluent: 5 Ways to Practice Your Spanish in Málaga

Lindsey Wineholt is an ISA Site Specialist for Spain. Lindsey works with students studying abroad in Málaga, Salamanca, Bilbao and San Sebastián.

1. Hit the Books – It may seem obvious, but taking classes at the University of Málaga is a great way to better your Spanish skills. ISA offers many program options with various classes that focus on bettering your speaking, reading and writing skills.

2. Intercambios and Language Exchanges – It’s important to practice outside of the classroom, too. If you want to sound like a Malagueño, nothing beats language exchanges with local students – many Spaniards are just as eager to practice their English as you are to use your Spanish. It seems like a perfect match. In Málaga, the ISA Directors organize periodic language exchanges, called intercambios, that allow you to speak Spanish in a conversational setting. Taking place every couple weeks, intercambios are a great way to meet locals and get the inside scoop on Malagueño culture!

3. Volunteer – Volunteering is one of the best ways students to interact with locals and practice Spanish, all while helping out the Malagueño community. ISA students in Málaga have volunteered with schools, animal shelters and many other organizations throughout the community. You’ll pick up the local jargon in no time with a volunteer placement.

4. Speak with your Host Family – What better way to practice your Spanish than to chat it up with your host family! Use dinner time to really delve into conversation and get your Spanish into tip top shape.

5. Get Out There and Explore – I know it sounds like a no brainer, but just by going out and experiencing conversations at the grocery store, bus stop or the local coffee shop, you will be amazed at the Spanish you can learn. Just by leaving your apartment, you’ll find yourself speaking Spanish like a Malagueño in no time.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

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