Back in the States, Missing the London Life.

Carolyn Allen is a student at Florida State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Carolyn was studying abroad in London on an ISA Summer 2 Program.

Well, I’m home from London. Actually I’ve been home for a couple weeks now; I’ve just been putting off writing this post because I haven’t known what to say.

“I loved London, and I wish I was still there.”

Is that too short? ;)

I’m happy to be home with my family and friends, but in all honesty, I could’ve spent three more weeks in London.

I think what I’ll miss the most is the streets. The streets of London are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. They’re beautiful- elaborate yet simple. They’re busy- buzzing yet peaceful. They’re alive.

One of my goals for my 3 week adventure was to live rather than visit. Many of my afternoons and evenings were spent wandering around trying to get a sense for the life of the locals. I remember getting turned around a few times one day in Covent Garden, but every time I got off track I discovered something that I never would’ve known existed. Like Monmouth Coffee Company– a hole in the wall coffee shop in Covent Garden that always seems to have a line out the door (and for good reason!) It reminds me of a quote that I once read, “Let’s find a beautiful place to get lost.”

Moments like this are actually some of my favorite memories. Riding the London Eye and touring the Tower of London are definite must-see activities for any London visitor, but these are not the moments that I will remember. Instead, I will remember the energy of the corner pub in Marylebone, no matter what time of day I walked by. And mornings spent riding the Tube amidst a sea of black suits commuting to work.

London is full of life, and I will miss that life.

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  1. London, England in general, is and will be for ever in my heart! But Italy is my essence! I invito you to come here, you will find great resources of art, culture, food, language, landscapes, sea and so on.

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