Alumni Relations: Meet Our Newest Global Ambassadors

Lindsey Lawrence is an Alumni Relations Coordinator and contributor to ISA Today. Lindsey helps manage the Global Ambassador Program, an internship designed for returned ISA students to help connect their experiences from abroad to life back on campus.

Brian Beckmeyer
ISA London Alumnus, Spring 2012
The College of New Jersey

I am currently a Senior at The College of New Jersey where I am studying marketing. This past spring semester I studied abroad in London with ISA, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. My favorite experience while studying abroad was the trip I took to Rome. Italy had the most amazing food and my favorite, lots of gelato! On my trip I was able to see so many historical landmarks, my favorite was seeing the Colosseum. The Colosseum was amazing to see in person and I was able to learn so much on the tour throughout the site. I look forward to representing ISA this year as Global Ambassador at TCNJ. I can’t wait to share my study abroad experience with students and help them plan their own adventures!


Sara Kathryn Hendrix
Veritas Valparaiso Alumna, Spring 2012
Georgia College and State University

Had I known that jumping 40 feet off a cliff into chilling whitewater rapids was part of the Whitewater Rafting Trip I signed up for at the excursion in Pucón, Chile, I would have never gone. I have a tremendous fear of heights! Halfway through the trip, the instructor just yells at us to get out of the boat, that the river is too rocky ahead and we must hike around the area, dragging our boat in the water from the edge of the river, using a long rope. We finally reached the summit of a cliff and the instructor just says, ” Ok, Salta!” ( “Ok, Jump” in Spanish). I wanted to yell, “Are you kidding me?! Do you know how paralyzing the fear of heights makes me?!” But, there was no other option. Turns out, I LOVE jumping off of cliffs and talking to strangers in Spanish! (Who would’ve thought?) In this moment of facing my fears and jumping, I was reminded of how I want to be continually “jumping” into the unknown, overcoming challenges, and growing into a more courageous and adventurous me.


Michelle Madrazo
ISA London Alumna, Spring 2012
St. Francis College

I studied abroad in the fall semester in London, England. One of my favorite memories was when a friend of mine came to visit during her spring break at our home university. On her last night in London I took her to ride the London Eye. I had been waiting to ride it ever since I had arrived knowing that she would be coming. We waited until the sun had set and went up. It was a beautiful night in London, one of the warmest so far, and I was there with my best friend enjoying the lights of the city. I remember running around the almost empty pod snapping picture of Big Ben with her. After the ride we sat in a pub near by and split a plate of Bangers and Mash. It was the perfect night to end her time in London.

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