Opening Week, Opening Ceremonies: London 2012

Sarah Barrett is a student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and an ISA Featured Blogger. Sarah is currently studying abroad in London, England on the ISA Summer 4 program.

Before leaving for my time abroad, I unconsciously acknowledged that my time in London, England would pass fast. Week one is officially done, and I am a little horrified at how quickly the days are passing! My first week has been nothing short of phenomenal! Classes at King’s College are very intensive. Typically in the morning, we discuss our reading, but in the afternoon we do everything from a bit of creative writing to tours around the city. I appreciate my professor’s hands on approach to learning very much. ISA and King’s College have everything down to a science. I feel very well cared for, which helps me to get the most out of this program. Studying abroad is a true learning experience, because you are in the classroom and a new city with so much to offer! This city skyline never gets old.

This past weekend we headed out to Dorset, a small town along the coast. I absolutely love the city of London, but it was an incredible relief to escape the hustle and bustle of London and see the countryside. There were even thatched roof houses! My concentration in my English degree is British literature, and many classic British novels are set in the English countryside. It was lovely to walk along the shore, soak up the view, and picture authors of ages past feeling inspired by the same views! Below is a picture of the magnificent Durdle Door!

London during the Olympics is just wonderful! As the Opening Ceremony drew closer, traffic definitely started to pick up, but it is certainly not unmanageable here. The tube is consistently busy (but also quite comical to see people dressed in all kinds of outfits to support their country)! Thankfully, London is a great city to walk about, and you most likely will pass something historical on the way to your destination. We have quickly become regulars at a pub called “Camel and Artichoke,” so we went there on Friday evening to catch the opening ceremony. We were surrounded by British people, and it was such a memorable experience! It was great fun to watch their reactions to the Queen’s stunt as a Bond girl, hear them sing “God Save the Queen,” and to sing with the whole pub for the Arctic Monkey’s rendition of “Come Together.” I am excited to spend more time exploring hidden parts of this great city and creating lifelong memories. Next on the list: USA Women’s volleyball versus Turkey. GO USA! (Although, I can’t help but cheer for Great Britain as well! This place has my heart already!)

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