Exploring Marais in Paris

Crista Pillitteri is a student at Rowan University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Crista is currently studying abroad in Paris on an ISA Summer 2 Program.

Metro Line 1, Saint Paul stop. Love it. The area is called Marais, and it’s gorgeous.  It feels like it’s something from a movie.  With small streets that intertwine and then seem to meet up all at once.  Every corner is just as exciting as the one before.  Where you accidentally get lost because you have been looking at the top of buildings for a block and a half.  And you don’t even mind because it’s full of life and full of interesting people. And when you jumped over to dodge the Vespa that wings by you, you accidentally stumble into an old vintage thrift store. The room is too small to fit two people between the racks of clothes, and everyone is digging longingly to grab something interesting before the person next to you grabs it first. And when you find those high rise jean shorts that you have been wanting and finally head out of the store, you can’t help but walk toward the music coming from the end of the street, where two girls are playing violin. So you stop and listen for a bit, wishing you’d have the guts to do what they’re doing.

Next to the metro, a small crowd has formed around a girl playing piano next to the entrance. People sit around her, in their leather jackets and ripped black tights, as a mini carousel spins behind them. So why not sit and do the same?  When you decide to just chill out and watch everything around you, you can appreciate the realization that you are totally in Paris. And yes, this is real life.  Grab a crepe and enjoy the city!

Although I was in a hurry the day I went, I could tell that Marais is  an interesting area to explore in Paris.  It was pretty rad. I mean as long as you enjoy searching through racks of clothes for old pants and listening to music on the street.  Beautiful buildings, thrift stores, Jewish bakeries, falafels, and street music. Marais…  I can totally dig it.

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