The Hike Through Cinque Terre

Jacquelyn O’Malley is a student at The College of New Jersey and an ISA Featured Blogger. Jackie is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy on the ISA Summer 3 program.

On our train ride to Cinque Terre, we received a flexible itinerary.  We could lounge on the pristine beaches, take a stroll through lovers lane, or trek through the 5 cities on a five hour coastal hike.  So is it even a question what we decided to do?

We started the first leg of our hike at Monterosso and after one hour  of trekking through the dirt path winding up and down unforgiving hills, we reached the second city: Vernazza.

Laughing at our uncontrollably shaking legs, we refilled our water bottles, grabbed a quick bite to eat at one of the sandwich shops, and gazed at the aqua blue water as it met the rocks and sun bathers along the shoreline.

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After we mustered up our strength and energy, we set sights on our next stop: Corniglia.  This hike was just as long as the first, but less dramatic in the size of the hills.

By the time we reached Corniglia, we found out that we needed to take a train to Manarola because the next trail was closed, a real bummer.  So we waited an hour for the train (yes, our train was one hour late!!) and we made it to the last leg: Lovers Lane.  This was a nice change of pace, since it was only about 20 minutes and it was paved all the way through.

I recommend that if you are visiting Cinque Terre, you attempt the full hike.  The pictures I have taken cannot even compare to the actual views I was blessed to see.  And the best part?  We got to stuff our faces with pasta at the end…the perfect reward!

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