Paris Chic

Elizabeth Hisle is a student at Western Kentucky University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Elizabeth is currently studying abroad in Paris, France on the ISA Summer 1 Program

I can’t believe it’s my fourth week in Paris. What an experience this has been. More than anything, I have learned the importance of dressing well in Paris and the fact that literally anything can happen here, even in June. This month we’ve been faced with rain, rain, and more rain. I’ve had to buy some warmer clothes, too, because it was freezing. When your suitcase is too heavy, and you think hmm… maybe I don’t really need this jacket, think twice!

More than anything, it’s key to look your best here. As many ways as there are to dress here, I’ve chosen two typical outfits that I’ve seen time and time again here. One is for the woman who goes to work on the metro and combats the freezing Paris mornings with the classic trench. Her outfit is classy and casual enough to wear it out to dinner with friends later (but much later–people don’t eat until 9 or so here). The second is for the more bohemian Parisian who rides her bike to work and is always on the go. Even in summer, this outfit is perfect, as Parisian mornings are cold and afternoons warm. And you never know when it’s going to rain.

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