Independence Day in Argentina

May 25th was the 202nd anniversary of the Argentine revolution which brought about its independence from Spain in 1810, and I was here to see it. To commemorate the holiday blue and white flags suddenly sprang up all around the city. They were on street corners, in the windows of taxi cabs, and in the hands of people young and old.

Another flag vendor on Avenida de Mayo. In the background you can see the stage for the big show!

It was very exciting to see all of the patriotism. At this point in Argentine history, there is a lot of discontent among its residents as to current political policies. Many people are unhappy with the way things are going both socially and economically, and there are protests all the time. Despite all of the protests and the discontent, however, Argentines are very proud of their country, and that was a beautiful thing to see.

La Casa Rosada all lit up at night.

In order to be in the thick of the experience, I went with a friend of mine to the Microcenter, or the heart of Buenos Aires, to see what was going on. We arrived to see streets full to bursting of vendors and flags, and even got to witness the beginning of a free concert right in the center of Plaza de Mayo!! As darkness began to set in La Casa Rosada became illuminated from without and the entire crowd seemed to glow with pride right along with it.

An Argentine band rocks in front of a swarm of onlookers to commemorate the holiday.

I’ll be missing Independence Day in the United States this year. This will be the 3rd one that I have been out of the country for- three consecutive years. Studying abroad has shown be that no matter how much I love traveling and have enjoyed this experience, I am still very proud of my country and even more proud to be an American.

Happy Independence Day, Argentina. From your proud American guest, Liz.

Liz DeLuca
Classmates Connecting Cultures
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spring 2012

Another flag vendor on Avenida de Mayo. In the background you can see the stage for the big show!

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