And the Goodbyes Begin

Prague Central Square at night
Prague central square

As I was leaving class yesterday, my professor was bidding farewell to us and said “Have a nice weekend everyone, and don’t forget, final presentations are due on Sunday- only three weeks left”.

Three weeks… What?!

I have pictures, memories and all kinds of souvenirs from the places I have been, but for some reason, everything still seems like a very long dream to me. So what do I have to do before leaving? There’s so many things that I know I won’t fit in–but I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few must see, must dos before departure!


All of my friends have been to this park/cemetery and tell me I need to go. This used to be a part of yet another castle in Prague, and legend says it was the first settlement of the city. Now however, this is a resting place for many musicians and artists, poets and all kinds of wonderful people. Also, it has an amazing view!

Jazz Boat

Along the Vlatva river you can see boats of all shapes and sizes floating around. One of them is the Jazz Boat. Here, you can cruise along the river listening to live jazz and enjoy the ambiance of Prague with your meal–imagine how wonderfully picturesque it would be on a clear spring night.

Laterna Magicka Theater

There are two types of theater here that are unique only to Prague. Marionette or Puppet theater is one, and the second is Laterna Magicka Theater. The latter doesn’t use any words, but tells the story through movement, lights, and multimedia–a perfect way to bridge the language gap!

Charles Bridge

Yes, I have been here a hundred times already, but I have never been at sunrise/sunset. Supposedly, the colors of Prague completely change with the different lighting, and you can see two different cities in one day. Plus, not many tourists will be walking around at 6 a.m.–meaning lots of picture ops.

Speaking of tourists–one of the events I am most excited for is my tourist day. This is when I spend the rest of my budget on Prague souvenirs. You can expect some I LOVE PRG merchandise in my suitcase on the way home.

I am also looking forward to my last few nights here–as sad as they will be. Those few nights will mean so much, as I get to really live it up with the wonderful people I have met. Laughing, Crying and reminiscing are the only things on my agenda, and I have the perfect spot picked out for my last night to sit and contemplate.

And even if for some reason I don’t make it to any of the above–the most important thing on my check list is simply going to be this–loving life, Prague and everything that comes with it!

Na zdrowie!

Valerie Zawada
Prague, Czech Republic
Spring 2012

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