Explore Rome: The City of Film, Fashion and Festivals

Students looking for an exciting summer abroad should look no further than Rome, Italy. With an abundance of delicious food, romantic language and not to mention fabulous fashion, its the perfect place to explore during your summer weeks abroad.

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Rome with Friends by Emilie Jeneson

In the summer of 2011 cinematic icon Woody Allen shot his new film Nero Fiddled in Rome. The film consists of four vignettes, in one of which a husband and his wife travel to Rome and meet the family of the Italian man their daughter is going to marry. Another of the vignettes will feature Roberto Benigni as a man named Leopoldo who is mistaken for a movie star. A third segment will feature Alec Baldwin as an architect from California visiting Rome with his friends. In a fourth segment two newlyweds go to Rome in order to visit relatives but instead get lost in the city.

The film stars Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz and Jesse Eisenberg. It’s set to release first in Italy and Argentina around October 2012, but keep an eye out for the U.S. release dates!

(Did you know? This film was originally titled The Bop Decameron but Woody Allen changed it when he discovered not many people understood the title’s loose reference to The Decameron, a medieval allegory.)

It will come as no surprise to fashionista’s that Italy is one of the best places to find top designers. Although Rome is just a small treat compared to Milan, students can still find big name fashion houses in Via Condotti leading up to the Spanish Steps. Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabana and Valtentino are just a few of the stores you can find.

Estate Romana (Roman Summer) takes place each summerย  from June – September and features events around the city in piazzas, gardens and historic monuments. Students will see dance performances, musical concerts, theater, art exhibits and book readings and more as this year marks the 35th anniversary!
On Gianicolo Hill in Trastevere (just a few steps from the AUR) there are also late-night open-air screenings of popular films projected on massive screens in Vittorio Emmanuele Square.

There are many reasons to study abroad in Rome, but if you’re thinking of heading to Italy this summer you’ll definitely want to explore film, fashion and festivals.

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