Fall 2011 Photo Contest Winners

The Fall 2011 ISA Photo Contest Winners have been chosen! After reviewing more than 1000 student submissions, ISA Staff have agreed on the following winners. Thanks to all those who participated! Believe it or not, were already accepting submissions for the Spring 2012 Photo Contest.

Favorite Overall Photo:

“Bird Tracks”
Lindsay Stoll
(Valencia Fall 1)
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Sahara Desert in Morocco, Africa
This is a picture of bird tracks on a sand dune in the Sahara during the sunrise.

I’m With ISA

“Jungle Cruise”
Matthew Wunderlich
(Cusco Summer 1)
University of Southern California
Puerto Maldonado, Peru
After a short hike to a lake, our Amazon guides took us on a boat tour of the area. It felt a little but like the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, except for, of course, the lack of animatronic elephants.

Gangs All Here

“Camel Taxis”
Sara Sadat-Hossieny
(Meknes Fall 2011)
University of Cinncinati
Merzouga, Morocco
ISA Meknes being led through the Saharan desert after a night of listening to Berber music and sleeping under the stars. As our last excursion, our trip to the desert was a reminder of the beauty and magnificence of Morocco.

Nature’s Beauty

“Amazonian Sunset”
Shannon Collins
(Multi-Country Program Fall 2011)
University of Denver
Iquitos, Peru
This photo was taken the first night I was on the Amazon River. A thunderstorm had broken into blood red skies that was reflected perfectly in the black waters of the Maranon River. The water moves swiftly there, but no rapids exists making a perfect glass scape for this local boat man to ripple through. The rainforest was so green and brown that the reds of the sky gave a new hue to the thick air, and I feel like a captured the rare sunset, and the emotions it evoked inside of me with this photo.

When In Rome

Paul Gust
(Prague Fall 1 2011)
Venice, Italy
Resting perfectly next to each other these two gondolas made a pretty site to see as I walked through the city of Venice and experienced an unbelievable culture.

The Artistic Eye

“Soulmates and Benchmates”
Carolyn Rush
(Madrid Summer 1)
Auburn University
Madrid, Spain
This photo was taken in the Paque de Retiro one of my favorite places in all of Madrid. I love the simplicity in this photo. It reminds me of my favorite part of Retiro, time to sit back, and take the beauty in.

Live Like the Locals

“Urban Fruits and Vegetables”
Nicole Davila
(San Jose Summer1 & 2)
Illinois State University
San Jose, Costa Rica
One day my friend and I decided to take a trip to the Central to snap some photos. We came across this peculiar “hole in the wall” grocery shop. I was so interesting to see the variety of fruits right in the middle of the city. I love how the natural colors of the fruits and vegetable contrast with the urban colors of San Jose.

Cultures, Customs & Traditions

“Manos Duras”
Emily Grant
(Buenos Aires Spring 4)
University of Pennsylvania
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
At first, the idea of visiting this Guarani reservation was unsettling: invading their lifestyle and intruding on their culture and way of life felt unnatural, but after visiting the reserve, I really appreciated the
experience. I learned about their previous nomadic lifestyle and had a chance to view their current way of living. It opened my eyes to a level of poverty that I had not seen so closely before and seeing this woman working hard at cleaning her clothes in the river gave me a deeper appreciation for the things I have.

Honorable Mentions:
“Flamenco” by Lindsay Stoll
“The Gaucho” by Buket Havucoglu
“Archway to the Sagrada” by Julia Moy

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