Girls Rule!

Well, hello there! I enjoyed reading your responses and learning that there sure are some travelers in the group! I’ll definitely have to do some traveling to New Mexico and California once I return to the states. This weekend I traveled to Sevilla, Spain with my study abroad program. Sevilla is located in Andalucia – the southern part of the country. It was a nice change of atmosphere and a nice 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit warmer! While we were there, we had an extensive tour of the Real Alcazar.

Here’s a picture of the courtyard at Real Alcazar.

Our tour guide knew tons of history and interesting facts about the city and landmarks. She told us about Queen Isabella I. Queen Isabella is known for the unification, or the bringing together, of Spain, among other things. See, the Queen’s marriage to King Ferdinand II joined the two main kingdoms of Spain at that time (15th century!) and, together, they reconquered the southern part of Spain.

The ceiling of the room where Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand used to stay. Look closely and you can see their shield and symbols embedded in it!

While we were on the tour, our guide mentioned her political involvement. As you may know, girls haven’t always had a say. Queen Isabella was unique because she was just as influential as King Ferdinand! She used her own money to help send Christopher Colon around the world and was knows as the Queen – not just the King’s wife.

As I spend more time in Spain, I have come to know some influential and strong women. They may not be queens, but they sure do rule! I can’t wait to tell you about them as the semester continues. Do you know any influential women? What are they like? Why do you look up to them?

Some of the girls in my program and I at Real Alcazar.

Until next time – stay strong, smart, and bold!

Victoria Gonzalez
Classmates Connecting Cultures
Salamanca, Spain
Spring 2012

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  1. The women who have played a significant role in my life range from my loving mother and mother in-law; wonderful friends; female mentors (comadres) who have groomed me in my professional career; my past and present colleagues and a patron saint who I revere in my life, the Virgen de Guadalupe. I believe all of these women have molded me in to the woman I am today, however, my growth never slows; I am always seeking more knowledge on how I can be a better wife, mother-to-be, friend, colleague and public relations professional. In all that we do as women, I have found that it is vital to the nourishment of young female leaders to mentor the younger generation of aspiring female professionals.

    My women role models have a profound and keen interest in being a “mother” to all those who seek their love and wisdom. My mother has provided me with significant guidance in shaping my moral make-up and my appreciation for my faith that guides me each day.

    My beautiful mother-in-law provided me with the “Chi” or “the energy within our body that makes us alive,” who showed me what it means to accept all life forms and use your energy to ensure those that you love unyielding gratitude, service and love.

    Finally, all the women who have been my mentors and continue to be my comadres, have taken me by the hand and shown me by virtue what it means to pursue a passion in your career and to find significant value in what it means to serve your community.

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