Fabulously Belfast

Queen's University- isn't it beautiful?

First week in Belfast done, 18 weeks remaining! I am currently studying abroad at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and loving it!! One of my closest friends, Elise, is sharing this experience with me, which makes it all the more exciting!

Here's Elise and I after arriving in Belfast

Our first attempt to leave home was two weeks ago, Tuesday, January 24, but after a 6 hour delay in the airport; the flight was canceled and rescheduled for the following evening. Once finally arriving to Belfast, Thursday night, we were greeted and taken to our new dorm rooms in Elm’s Village, by the ISA director. My first impression of the room was not too good, because it is very small! But within the next few days, I was able to fill it with all of my stuff from home and get new bedding and everything to make it feel more comfy; I am feeling so much better about it now! Luckily, I have family here, who has been extremely helpful with getting us both settled in!

"Fabulously Belfast" on a coffee shop wall in Queen's Student Union

So far since I have been here, I have gone to Queen’s orientations, got signed up for classes, gone grocery shopping, shopping for bedding and room supplies, signed up for a bank card, done laundry, gone out to some pubs, took a train to a town called Cultra and went to the Ulster Folk museum, gone to classes a few times, met and made friends with all the people on my floor and watched the Super Bowl! All of these things together have added up to be an amazing first 10 days in Belfast!

Titanic replica at the Cultra Folk and Transport Museum
Belfast City Hall lit up at night

Although there are many aspects I miss about home, such as my family, my dog, my friends, my own bed, Mexican food and driving my own car, I have had such an experience already, and can only imagine how great the next 18 weeks will go!!

Briana O’Neill
Classmates Connecting Cultures
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Spring 2012

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