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Feliz día de San Valentín!

The Spanish celebrate Valentine’s Day much like we do here in the USA, except for those who live in Barcelona and also celebrate La Dia de Sant Jordi, or St. George’s Day. This is a day for exchanging gifts in honor of St. George, who is known for saving a princess from a dragon.

Latin America
In some Latin American countries Valentine’s day is known as Day of Love and Friendship, or  Día del Amor y la Amistad. Celebrated in Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador, this is the day for acts of appreciation.

Affection Day, or Día del Cariño isn’t celebrated until June in Brazil, just before St. Anthony’s Day (typically known as Marriage Day.) Valentine’s Day as we know it isn’t celebrated in February, as it falls to closely to the day-long events of Carnival.

If you are in China you’d have to wait 5 more months to celebrate a day of love as the Chinese Valentine’s day falls on August 23rd. Historically, this day is also called the Daughter’s festival and takes place on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

Where are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Do you have any traditions for the day of love? Share with us!

If you need some fun throughout your day here are some videos, infographics, a map of Valentine’s data from the Guardian and social media Valentine’s day marketing campaigns form around the world.

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