My First Week in Italy

Buongiorno Ms. Treneli and class!!

Airplane Ride- Sunday January 22nd

On the plane from JFK at 5:40pm!

Arrived in Dublin at 5:25 am! (12:25 am USA Time)

Leave Dublin at 7:10 am to Rome! (2:10 am USA time)

Arrive at Rome on Monday January 23rd at 11:20 am. (5:20 am USA Time)

Total: 12 Hour Flight! 2 Hour Lay over! WOWZAH! It’s going to be a fun ride…

Map of my flights

Some Carry on Items:

  • Travel books
  • Maps or Europe
  • Italian quick phrase book
  • Sketch book
  • Euros
  • Journal
  • Ipod
  • Scarf
  • Passport and Visa (Not the credit card but one of those too!)

51 lbs of my belongs for a whole semester! What would you bring??


My US money will not work in Europe! I tried to buy something in Dublin at the airport and they told me they used euros too! So I made sure to convert my money over! The euro is worth more than one US dollar.

$1 = .76 €               and             1 € =  $ 1.31

Euros- This is what they look like! No presidents on their money!

My first week In Italy!


  • Got picked up and taken to our hotel in Rome! Located down the street from the Coliseum!
Here’s a picture the coliseum just a short walk down the street!

Fun Facts about Rome:

  • A river called the Tiber runs through Rome
  • The people who live in Rome have a Roman dialect, meaning their Italian sounds different that other parts of Italy!
  • They love to recycle, including the buildings! The Coliseum had holes in it where the iron was taken out to be re-used for war materials.


I went on a 3 hour guided walking tour of:

  • Roman Forum
  • Coliseum
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Altare della Patria
  • Pantheon
  • Navona square
Arch pf Constantine
The Pantheon

There is so much to take in here, so much art and ancient relics right next to you on the street.

After lunch we met in the Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere for 1.30h hour Bus tour around Rome. The bus ride made me realize how BIG Rome is!

Map of Rome


  • We went to the Vatican, it is it’s own country! One of the smallest countries in the world!
    • There they have the Sistine Chapel where I got to see, School of Athens’ painted by Raphael a famous Renaissance painter
This is St. Peter's cathedral in the Vatican
The famous School of Athens painting
The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - amazing!
  • That night we went to the Trevi Fountain, where you throw a coin in, this symbolizes that you will come back to Rome
  • We also went to the Ponte Milvio- bridge where lovers take a lock and lock it to the bridge then throw the key in the river.
Lovers leave their locks at Ponte Milvio
Lovers locks at Ponte Milvio


  • We took a bus ride to Florence!
  • I was able to meet my host mother, Marry! She is so sweet and loves Marilyn Monroe! She doesn’t speak any English though so we play charades to communicate sometimes. I cannot wait to learn more Italian and have a real conversation with her. Dinner the first night was quiet because we wanted to talk to her but we didn’t know how too! What would you do to communicate?
Here's my room at my homestay!

I’d love to start answering your questions:

The cars

The cars here are sooo small! They all drive small ecologically efficient cars. Meaning car that impact the environment as little as possible. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see a single truck or SUV or even mid-sized car here. All of them look similar to smart cars and also are not all traditional American brands they have Toyota but also they have Fiat, Opel and Peugeot. They probably fit well into small spaces in the city. I also learned that they are CRAZY drivers they speed around so fast leaving inches between them and the next car! Kind of like New York City. I also noticed a lot of them drive mopeds and 3 wheeled cars, it looks like a moped with a cover on top. Isn’t that neat?

One of my many little Italian cars I've seen so far

The rest of the week was spent in programs and getting tours of the city I can’t wait to tell you more about Florence next post!!


Lauren Wederich

Florence, Italy

Classmates Connecting Cultures

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  1. Sounds like an exciting trip so far! I love your photos! I’m hoping to travel to Florence my Junior year! So what’s the homestay like so far? Are you sharing your room with another student? I’m also thinking about doing the homestay option.
    Can’t wait to read your next posts!

  2. I love my home stay! I live with a wonderful older woman named Mary! She is so sweet and caring. I believe if you’re going to do a home stay Italy is THE PLACE to do it. Our host mother treats us like family. She always offers us food and make the BEST authentic Italian dishes on the weeknight. I am so happy with my home stay decision over my friends that are living in apartments. It’s a much more personable experience with the country and it’s culture.

    I am sharing the room with another student however it’s a fairly large room. I also really enjoy living with someone I can share this experience with. So when we go through some new experience we can both talk or laugh about it together.

  3. What an exciting trip! I love where you went during your first two days. Visiting historical coliseums is my favorite thing to do, as well. Thanks for sharing your Europe travel, hope to read more of your blogs.

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