Ancient Places & New Faces in Salamanca

іHola! My exciting journey in Spain has finally started and I am thrilled to be sharing it with such strong, smart, and bold chicas! There are many new and interesting things to do and see in this country. I visited Madrid and Toledo before arriving in Salamanca – where I will be living for the next four months!  I am staying with a very sweet host family while I am here. I am also studying at the University of Salamanca – one of the oldest universities in Europe!

The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca is the central meeting place in the city

Before I get off topic, let me tell you about my first week in Spain! We did a lot of sightseeing in Madrid and Toledo during the first few days. I was able to see timeless palaces where the royal family used to live, famous artwork, old maps, and ancient churches. The country itself is very old – hundreds of years older than the United States! In fact, there are lots of things that are different from the US other than age.

The Tagus River in Toledo has protected the city from intruders for ages!

Living in a new country can be overwhelming at times, but it is an experience full of excitement and adventure. Everything from the food to the language to the money is different. Just like every new adventure, it takes some getting used to. For me, I felt kind of like the new girl at school. You know like those times when you feel like you stand out in the crowd? This can be challenging, but it is comforting knowing that I am not the only one. There are students everywhere in Salamanca – including many students who are studying abroad from various countries. Doing things that you’re not used to can make you a stronger, smarter and bolder person by learning and adapting in the process. What are some new, challenging things you have done? How did you adapt?

The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

I am looking forward to meeting new people to explore the city with and maintaining friendships with the other people in my program. Though things may be new, I know this will be home soon enough. The historical city is full of beautiful places and people. I can’t wait to hear from you! Tell me about your city, por favor. What do you like the most about it?


Victoria Gonzalez
Salamanca, Spain
Classmates Connecting Cultures

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  1. My favorite city to visit was albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though I am from San antonio, Texas, New Mexico was fun and homey. I felt as if I were home there, and loved all the little shops with such friendly people.
    – Ariana

  2. When I traveled for business to Los Angeles, I completely fell in love with the City of Angels along with Long Beach. Coming from San Antonio, it truly gave me a different perspective to life outside the Alamo city, but painted a picture of how people really worked 24/7 and the city of Angels never sleeps! Having the exposure to international friends and traveling to different cities makes you a more holistic person and gives you a more competitive edge to work harder in your career.

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