Costa Rican Favorites

Manuel Antonio
A view of the water from Manual Antonio National Park.

For this entry I would like to provide some of “my favorites” from Costa Rica!

  • Favorite Food: gallo pinto and patacones (rice and beans and fried yucca.)
  • Favorite Costa Rican Music Group: Malpais
  • Favorite Dancing Spot: Jazz Café
  • Favorite Volcano: Volcan Poas
  • Favorite Juice (Refresco) Flavor: Mora
  • Favorite Beach: Manuel Antonio
  • Favorite Site: La Basílica Maria de Los Ángeles en Cartago
  • Favorite Soccer Team: La Liga (de Alejuela)
  • Favorite Seafood Spot: La Princesa Marina
  • Favorite Holiday Celebration: Semana Santa

Another great aspect of Costa Rica is that the climate changes, depending on the region. For example, in San José the temperatures often stay in the mid-70’s during the day, but on the coasts the temperatures tend to be much higher. In Costa Rica one can find four major types of rainforests as well. Some areas of the country are dry and hot, but in many areas the weather can be hot and wet. Costa Rica has two seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season goes from December to March and the rainy season is April through November.

Remember to pack according to the season in which you will be in Costa Rica!

Meagan Muladore
San José, Costa Rica

Photo courtesy of Carlos Luna.

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