Introduction from Madrid!

Hola estudiantes de St. Patrick School!

My name is Tori Shover and I am a 2005 graduate of your school! Now, I am 20 years old and studying to be an elementary school teacher at Georgetown College, in Kentucky. I am also studying Spanish, which is why at this very moment I am writing to you from Madrid, Spain!

In college, and some high schools, students can go to school in another country for a few months or even a few years to learn about the history, language, culture and people of that country. This is called “studying abroad”, and it’s a very exciting opportunity!

I feel that it is very important to study abroad because:
1. As a guest in another country, I realize that all people have wants and needs, and we are all much more alike than we are different.
2. It is good to learn more than one language, to better learn from and talk to a wider variety of people.
3. The world is a big, exciting place. Not only is it our job to take care of it, but it is also just waiting to be explored!

Here is a map of Europe, to show you where I am…

I am living in the capital city of Spain…. Madrid!

Here, in the busy city, most people live together as small families in apartment buildings. Right now, I am living with two sisters, three cats, and a roommate. The sisters are named Marga and Nani, the cats are Mancha, Planton, and Luna, and my roommate is another girl from America.

For a normal day during the week, my roommate and I wake up about 8:00am, eat breakfast (usually a cup of coffee, and a piece of bread and some fruit, like apples or oranges), and walk about 10 minutes to our METRO STOP.

The “Metro” is what people in Spain call the subway system. Many people in the city do not own a car, because it is very easy to use the Metro to get all over the city!

My school is called “Antonio de Nebrija” and it was named after a famous historical person in Spain. Have you ever heard of him? He was the first person in Spain to publish a book about Spanish grammar in 1492… the same year Columbus sailed to America!

At school, all of my classes are in Spanish. I am learning about the language, art, and culture of Spain. My classes finish at 13:10… which is how people in Spain tell time. Instead of going until 12, and then starting over at 1, they just keep counting! So, here is a chart to help you understand:

11:00AM                        11:00
12:00PM                        12:00
1:00PM                          13:00
2:00PM                          14:00
3:00PM                          15:00

And so on…

Also, the sun rises in Spain before it does in America, so my time is about six hours ahead of yours. Right now in Madrid, it is 14:10. What time is it there?

I think that is enough information to introduce myself for now. I will write to you all again soon, to tell you more about Spain, and what students your age are like here. Enjoy your Spanish class!


p.s. – Please send me your questions about Spain! I will answer everything I can! Chao!

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