Questions and Carnival

Hey everyone,

Sorry that I am just now getting to answer some of your questions.Last Monday there was a horrible train wreck here, and the trains didn’t run regularly for a while.I spent around 8-10 hours last Tuesday trying to get to and from the mardi gras carnival in Binche, catching buses, trams, shuttles, (one train), and finally a taxis.My group actually missed the main parade, but we did get to see some cool costumes from the parade.People who are native to Binche throw a festival every Mardi gras where they wear traditional hats and costumes and throw oranges and confetti in the streets.The houses and buildings along the parade street actually put shields up in front of their windows to keep the oranges from breaking them!It was definitely a new experience.I’ll try to find some good pictures and send them to you.I don’t think my camera got any clear pics.Anyway, to answer some questions.

The waffles and chocolate here are AMAZING!In Brussels, there is a chocolate store almost everywhere you look, especially in the city centre.They have big displays in the windows with chocolate fountains and chocolate figurines.The waffles here are mostly sold in street stands and are loaded with sugar.They don’t really eat them for breakfast; waffles are really more of an afternoon or weekend snack.Waffles on the street are fairly cheap (usually about 1,5 euro), but chocolate can be pricey.I bought a small bag of chocolate covered almonds the other day for 4,50 euro (which is just over 6 dollars.)I think the quality is worth it though.

Brussels is known as the capitol of Europe.It is the home of the European Union and a lot of international businesses.So, the technology here is very up to date.For those who like to use Apple products, several of my professors have macbooks, and I have seen a few Apple stores around the city.We have wi-fi in our home stay, but Internet can be expensive.

I haven’t had any major encouters with bad hygiene yet.They sell deoderant in the Carrefour, so I assume people wear it.There’s always that one person on the metro that could stand to shower, but that’s how it is in almost any city.

I will get to more of your questions very soon.Feel free to ask more as you think of them or if I leave out anything you want to know!

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