Musings on the European economy

Production in France is spread among different sectors, but is centralized in Paris. France’s agro-alementaire economy is Europe’s leading producer of produce, and produces products that are know through out the world, including world famous cheeses and wines. Paris is the world’s most visited city, and Lyon is the countries capital of gastronomy, tourism is another important industry in France. Toulouse is home to the European Airbus product and the city of Grenoble is a center of technology. France is also home to automobile manufacturers Citroen and Peugeot. In term of size France is 2000 km east to west and north to south.

Thinking quickly of France, food is the first thing that comes to mind. Agriculture is a fitting industry for that judgment as quality ingredients are essential for gourmet cuisine. Agriculture is made of produce, livestock, and of course cheese. Fromageurs make over 365 different types of cheese, one for everyday of the year as it is said. How is that possible, to a novice in cheese it seems daunting, but it is actually simple.

There are many different combinations of texture and milk that allow fromageurs to make such a large variety. Cheese is first made from cows, sheep, and goats; those three are the standard milk options. Texture is the next variable; cheese is soft, like a camembert, medium or hard. However, another variable is also added into the mixture to make certain cheeses. Mold. With the combinations of mold, mild and texture open to a Framageurs imagination it is easier to understand why there are so many cheese types available.

Why did you come to Paris, that is a common questions I am asked by everybody I have meet since my stay began, well I say for the romance, but there are many reason people come and stay for a while in Paris or France, some are just passing though. There are numerous reasons to visit Paris: the monuments, romance, school, work, business, a football match or a gourmet meal.

Manufacturing is a bit of a weak point in France lagging behind Germany and England. However, there have been strong progresses. Toulouse is home to the European Airbus project, who last year flight tested their A380 triple decker. The future also looks bright for France’s economy to advance private industry as current President Nicolas Szarcozy is decentralizing many of the government industries and relaxing taxes in an effort to surpass the economies of Germany and England.

Paris is a double center in France, it is not only the Political capital but it is also the economic center. It truly is a psychological entity complete with an ego and an id. However, centralization has become a problem in France manifested by transportation issues. Franceis proud of SNCF, the corporation who owns and operates long distance rail lines. President Obama should learn from SNCF if he wants an American commuter high-speed train system. High speed trains including the TGV, on SNCF lines, can run at 200pmh which makes travel from Paris to surrounding cities shorter.

Trains are a bight spot of transportation where road are a soft spot. There are few roads that are unregulated in speed, dangerous, and do not connect many cities together. France’s geography hinders the connection, but her drivers are at fault for the danger of the roads. Everyday there are 14 deaths on France’s roadways.

Economics is not a new subject and only transportation means have changed in modern times. Tourism is a modern addition to what is called the real economy. In France these things are needed, built and financed because individuals want them. Individuals make every demand on the market, though from another point of view demand is social.

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  1. The cheese industry does sound a bit daunting. Have you tried any that you would readily recommend?

    And the transportation! It sounds so dangerous, but I know Italy has many of the same problems.

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